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CenturyLink™ Wholesale Commercial Solutions provide our Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) partners innovative and market leading products and services. These groundbreaking, commercially negotiated, business to business solutions allow CLECs access to CenturyLink's industry-leading telecommunications network and infrastructure as well as providing certainty about the ongoing availability of various wholesale services. The Commercial Solutions product family establishes competitive wholesale pricing continuity while CenturyLink's Spirit of Service™ Commitment puts customers first and ensures outstanding quality in every aspect of your service.

If you are currently a CenturyLink CLEC customer, use the drop-down menus below to review the Product Catalogs (PCATs) describing our Business Procedure Topics, Local Service Request Form requirements, or to learn about our Wholesale Products and Services that can enhance your business.

If you are a new CLEC within our CenturyLink QC and are ready to do business with CenturyLink, view Getting Started as a Facility-Based CLEC, and Interconnection Agreement, and Commercial Agreements.

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