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Product Description

Customized Routing service is available to Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) that purchase Resale services, from CenturyLink™.

Customized Routing service allows you to route your end-user's Operator Services (OS) (0+ Local) and/or Directory Assistance (DA) (555 or 411) calls differently than CenturyLink's end-user's calls originating on the same End Office switch. Customized Routing service permits you to identify and route particular types of dialing patterns of your end-user's calls that originate on CenturyLink's End Office switch to your dedicated interoffice trunk facilities, facilities leased from CenturyLink as Unbundled Dedicated Interoffice Transport (UDIT) or facilities provided by a third party. Such interoffice facilities may be terminated on your own DA and/or OS platform, on a third party's DA service and/or OS platform, or to CenturyLink's DA service and/or OS platform.

Customized Routing service is provided using software features of the End Office switch. A unique Line Class Code (LCC) is assigned to the end-user call type(s) you wish to have routed to the dedicated trunks and transport facilities you utilize.


Customized Routing service is available, where technically feasible, throughout CenturyLink QC and where switch software and facilities are available.

Customized Routing is not available for IntraLATA NPA 555-1212 dialing in the following states:

  • Iowa
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Wyoming

Terms and Conditions

LCCs are a finite resource within the switch; therefore Customized Routing service will be available on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the availability in each of CenturyLink's switches. Development and deployment intervals for multiple LCCs and/or involving multiple CenturyLink switches are determined on an Individual Case Basis (ICB).

Some switch types and certain End Offices may have memory and technical limitations as to the number of LCCs that can be implemented. End Office capacity and technical limitations will be evaluated on an office-by-office basis.


Rate Structure

Customized Routing service requires complex and detailed programming of CenturyLinkŪ originating and End Office switches. This includes "Pre-Conditioning" of existing LCCs to allow deployment of the requested unique LCCs for your Customized Routing service request. Nonrecurring charges apply for this work.

If you have requested Customized Routing service and an LCC has been established and deployed at a particular End Office, and you wish to have the same LCC deployed at an additional End Office, nonrecurring charges for deployment at the new End Office will apply.


Wholesale rates for this product or service, including tariff references and any applicable discounts, are provided in your current Interconnection, Resale, Commercial, or other governing agreement.

The nonrecurring charges for the development and deployment of Customized Routing service and a new LCC for the routing of DA and OS traffic are provided in your agreement.

Nonrecurring charges to provision the LCC for individual end-users may apply, based on the type of service and activity you are requesting, after Customized Routing LCCs are deployed in a switch. Refer to Resale - General for additional information.

Monthly recurring charges do not apply to Customized Routing service.


Features Benefits
You have a choice how your OS and/or DA calls are routed.
  • Your end-user's OS and/or DA calls may be routed to your own, a third party's, or CenturyLink's OS and/or DA service platform.


Not applicable to CenturyLink Customized Routing Service.


Product Prerequisites

If you are a new CLEC and are ready to do business with CenturyLink, view Getting Started for Facility-Based CLECs or Getting Started for Resellers. If you are an existing CLEC wishing to amend your Interconnection Agreement, refer to Interconnection Agreement for additional information.

To be able to use Customized Routing service, you must order CenturyLink End Office Switching via Resale service.

Customized Routing service cannot be established and deployed until you have requested and installed Dedicated Interoffice Trunking. The trunking requirements are as follows:

  • Dedicated OS-type trunks directed to your local DA platform or to a third party's DA platform.
  • Dedicated DA-type trunks directed to CenturyLink's DA platform. See Directory Assistance (DA) for information on customized call branding.
  • Dedicated OS-type trunks to allow OS calls dialed by your end-user to be directed to your local OS platform, or to a third party's OS platform.
  • Dedicated OS-type trunks to allow OS calls dialed by your end-user to be directed to CenturyLink's OS platform. See Operator Services for information on customized call branding.
  • See UDIT for additional information about unbundled trunking.

For additional information regarding trunks, refer to Unbundled Dedicated Interoffice Transport (UDIT).


General pre-ordering activities are described in the Pre Ordering Overview.

The following is the process for pre-ordering Customized Routing:

  1. A separate CenturyLink Customized Routing Service Line Class Code (LCC) Request form is required for each End Office Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI™) in which Customized Routing LCCs are being requested. Your CenturyLink Service Manager can assist you in filling out the form. A Customized Routing request is required for every end office requiring an LCC. Once the form(s) is completed, submit it to wsst@centurylink.com. Each request will be evaluated on an ICB.
  2. Based on the information submitted on your request form, CenturyLink will determine if facilities are available. The CenturyLink Service Manager will advise you by telephone if facilities are not available and will also advise you when to send a new request when facilities are made available.
  3. If facilities are available, your CenturyLink Service Manager will arrange a pre-order meeting. At the pre-order meeting you will need to provide CenturyLink with the comprehensive network plan, specific routing requirements and Desired Due Dates (DDD)
  4. After the pre-order meeting, you will receive a Central Office (CO) specific detailed quote and an estimated development time of 30 business days.
  5. You will receive a Central Office (CO) specific detailed quote and time estimate 30 business days after the pre-order meeting.
  6. You have 30 calendar days to review the quote and advise your CenturyLink Service Manager if you accept it. If you do not respond within the 30 calendar days, a new Customized Routing LCC Request form will need to be submitted to start the process again.
  7. Once you accept the quote, you will be billed the full amount via the Billing and Receivable Tracking (BART) billing system and you must remit 50% of the development and deployment charges before CenturyLink will initiate the manual process to establish the LCC(s).


General ordering activities are described in the Ordering Overview.

Service interval guidelines are found in the Service Interval Guide (SIG).

The following is the process for ordering Customized Routing:

  1. Your CenturyLink Service Manager will contact you by telephone when the development and testing process is compete and the LCC(s) are ready for deployment. Your CenturyLink Service Manager must receive the remaining 50% of the development and deployment charges before CenturyLink will initiate the deployment process. (Development may take up to 30 business days after the charges have been paid. It may take a total of 60 business days for the entire process to complete).
  2. When the remaining 50% has been received, your CenturyLink Service Manager will advise you the three character unique LCC(s) by telephone. The CenturyLink Service Manager will ask you your preference of receiving a copy of the Customized Routing Service Line Class Code (LCC) Request form listing the three character unique LCC(s), either by email or fax.
  3. When submitting Local Service Request(s) (LSRs), include the LCC information in the Remarks Section (e.g., Customized Routing LCC XXX should be provisioned on this service). Additional ordering information can be found in Resale - General.

Provisioning and Installation

General provisioning and installation activities are identified in the Provisioning and Installation Overview.

Once the LCC is established, a CenturyLink technician will test the LCC to validate that the routing is correct based on information provided by you. The LCC will be deployed in the requested end office switch per the installation interval defined during the ordering process. The CenturyLink Service Manager will notify you the LCC has been properly routed allowing you to verify the custom routed service.

Maintenance and Repair

Information is available in the Maintenance and Repair Overview.


Nonrecurring charges for development and deployment of Customized Routing service are billed via Billing Information - Billing and Receivable Tracking (BART).


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CenturyLink contact information is available in Wholesale Customer Contacts.

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