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CenturyLink Call Forwarding

Don’t miss important phone calls while you’re away from home. Get call forwarding. Phones with call forwarding features make sure you receive every call, no matter where you are. CenturyLink Call Forwarding is one of the many calling features offered for phone services. Add the call forwarding feature to your home phone to ensure you receive important calls while you’re out grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, or walking the dog.

How phones with call forwarding work to transfer calls

CenturyLink Call Forwarding can transfer calls from your landline to another phone number of your choice. If someone calls your home phone number, CenturyLink will redirect the call to your other preferred phone number. You can forward calls to your cell phone, work phone, or a landline in another home. You can also choose specific incoming phone numbers from which you want to transfer calls by using the Selective Call Forwarding feature.

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*Not all features are available in all markets.

Call Forwarding FAQs

Call Forwarding is one of the available features for CenturyLink Home Phone service. This feature allows calls made to your home phone to be redirected to another specific number of your choice. This can ensure that you receive all your calls even if you’re not at home.

First, make sure you’ve signed up for our Unlimited Home Phone service, which includes the Call Forwarding feature. Once you’ve signed up for that plan and have verified that the feature is available in your area, follow these steps to begin forwarding calls:

  1. Lift your phone’s receiver and press *72.
  2. After you hear a second dial tone, dial the other phone number that you want your calls forwarded to.
  3. Answer the call that comes in on your other phone number to activate the Call Forwarding feature.

You can stop call forwarding when you want to start receiving calls back to your home phone. To turn off Call Forwarding on your phone: 

  1. Lift your home phone’s receiver and press *73.
  2. You’ll hear two tones as confirmation that the Call Forwarding feature has been turned off.

You can forward calls from specific numbers by using Selective Call Forwarding. To enable Selective Call Forwarding:

  1. Pick up your home phone’s receiver and press *63.
  2. Enter the 10-digit phone numbers that you want to forward calls from.
  3. Dial the other phone number that you want these specific calls forwarded to.
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