Selective Call Forwarding 

With regular call forwarding ALL calls get forwarded. With Selective Call Forwarding, only specific calls that you set up are forwarded.

Understanding Selective Call Forwarding

Depending where you live, you can set up a list of 12 to 15 numbers you want forwarded. When someone calls from a number on your list, you hear a short ring, and the call is forwarded. 

You can't answer incoming calls from forwarded numbers. (They're transferred before you can pick up the phone.) If you decide you no longer want a certain number forwarded, you need to delete the number from your forward list or turn Selective Call Forwarding OFF.

Incoming calls that aren't on your list ring through to your home like normal. You can continue to make outgoing calls as you always do. 

The number receiving your forwarded calls rings normally.

If you forward calls to a long distance (or toll) number, you're charged applicable rates.

Turning Selective Call Forwarding ON/OFF

It's simple to activate and manage Selective Call Forwarding. You can turn it on or off and change your phone number list any time you want.

Turn Selective Call Forwarding ON

To activate this feature:

  1. Listen for the dial tone, and press 63.
  2. Create your list by entering the number(s) you want to forward.
  3. Dial the number where you want your calls forwarded. 
Tip: To be sure you have everything you need, write down the phone numbers you want to forward before dialing 63

For both local and long distance numbers, you'll need the area code and 7-digit number.

Turn it OFF

How to deactivate this feature varies a little depending where you're at in the country. Generally, dialing 83 should do the trick.

However, if it doesn't, you'll get a message saying: "We're sorry. Your call cannot be completed as dialed." In that case, hang up and try 63 instead. Once you connect with our system, follow the couple of prompts.

If you're interested in forwarding all of your calls, try call forwarding.To add or change the calling features on your account, contact us.

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