Pay online in Control Center

Make a one-time payment in Control Center using a credit card or bank account, or set up automatic payments.

Note: You can make one-time payments with no convenience fee using a bank account. One-time payments by credit card will include an extra charge.

To pay online in Control Center, sign in to Control Center, click on the "Quick Pay" button on the home page or click Billing on the left menu, then "Invoices."

Control Center Home page showing quick pay button

From the Invoices screen, check the box next to each account you want to make a payment on, then click the "Pay" button to proceed to payment details. You'll skip this step if you select quick pay from the home page.

Control Center Billing screen

Select the payment method you'll use from the drop down menu, and then enter the payment details. You can choose to save the payment method for future transactions.

CenturyLink accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.


Don't forget to check the box at the bottom to agree to terms and conditions, then click "Next" to review your payment information and submit.

Control Center payment information screen

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