How to use Connected Voice

This user guide will walk you through the basics of your Connected Voice service.

Making a call from your Connected Voice service is the same as placing a call from a traditional phone line. Simply pick up your handset and dial the number. Your call will be connected.

Receiving a call on your Connected Voice service is also the same as taking calls on a traditional phone line. When a call comes in, all handsets that are connected through your Connected Voice adapter will ring. Simply answer the phone.

1. Access your mailbox: To set up your voicemail, press *98 from your Connected Voice or call your 10-digit Connected Voice number. This is also how you can access your mailbox to check messages or make changes at any time. Voice prompts will guide you through the steps.

2. Create your PIN: It can be any number 4 to 15 digits long. Be sure to make note of it because you'll need it to access your messages in the future.

3. Record a name to identify your mailbox.

4. Choose a greeting: You can record your own or use one of the built-in greetings.

  • Press 1 to select the standard greeting with phone number: "At the tone, please record your message to [your phone number]."

  • Press 2 for the standard greeting with your name: "At the tone, please record your message to [your mailbox's name]."

  • Press 3 to record a personalized greeting, up to three minutes long. For example: "You've reached the Jones. You know what to do at the beep."

Your Connected Voice service comes with a variety of features. You can manage, activate, and deactive these features directly from your phone. You'll need your CenturyLink ID to use these feature access codes.

DN = destination number

Calling Feature Manage

Anonymous Call Rejection

NA *77 *87

Call Forwarding All

*72DN *97  

Caller ID Block


Caller ID Block per call

NA *67DN  

Caller ID Un-Block per call

NA *82DN

Do Not Disturb
NA *96 *97

Dynamic Black List (add last caller to black list)
NA *60 to block caller *80 to allow caller


Your Connected Voice service will not work - not even for 911 in the event of a power outage unless you you have a battery backup. Please see our page about battery back-ups for more details about this important component of digital service or contact us to order a battery backup unit.

Check for outages and troubleshoot problems with your phone or internet service.

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