Battery backup units for internet and internet phone services

Your internet and your internet phone service will not work in the event of a power outage unless you have a battery backup.

Electrical power is required for your internet connection and internet voice service to work. If there is a power outage, the services will not process calls, including those to Emergency 911.

With active batteries, a BBU for your modem and internet phone equipment will provide temporary power during an outage. This allows your internet and VoIP services to keep functioning, including the ability to call 911.

Important information about BBU

  • In case of an electrical power outage, a BBU should last at least 24 hours in standby mode. 
  • While under BBU power, you may not want to access the internet much, as it will deplete the BBU faster. 
  • Other services, such as security alarms, will not work if they do not have their own battery backup.
  • You are responsible for obtaining, monitoring, replacing, and properly disposing of the BBU and all batteries for it. 
  • We recommend that you check the BBU at least twice a year to ensure it is operating and ready to use in case of a power outage.

IMPORTANT: Failure to maintain your BBU may result in loss of voice service during a power outage, including a loss of access to Emergency 911 and other services.

BBU options

You can find battery backup units from Precision Power Solutions, or from many other retailers.


Precision Power offers three units:

1. For C4000 or tower-style modems: PP36PB-GRST-2-24D

2. For SmartNID modems (C5500 or C6500): PPDBBUKIT-C55-C65

3. For fiber customers with an Optical Network Terminal (ONT): PP36PB-12BBU-2-24D


For technical assistance or warranty information for your BBU, contact Precision Power at SALES@PRECISIONPWR.NET or 615-436-0080.

The battery backup units use D size, 1.5 volt, alkaline batteries.

Please note that the BBU is not covered by our Inside Wire Protection plan.

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