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Calling Name Data Storage

The Calling Name (CNAM) Data Storage service from CenturyLink helps you generate new revenue by making your end-user customers' names available to companies that provide Caller ID with Name service to their end users. When you store your customers' names in the CenturyLink CNAM database, service providers who provide calling name will pay for access to your end-user customers' names so they can provide Caller ID service for their end users. Your end-user customers' names are secured in a single, national, proprietary database and can only be used to provision Caller ID.

With CenturyLink CNAM Data Storage service, you may:

  • Increase your revenue.
  • Increase your end users' customer satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

  • High-margin revenue, month after month. You don't have to invest in capital equipment, operating support, or securing agreements needed to earn query revenue from database dips by other service providers - increases revenue and saves on expenditures.
  • No cost for name storage or setup charges - saves on expenditures.
  • Responsive data administration - means daily or weekly data updates can be received electronically through PC file transfers or mainframe-to-mainframe using connect direct. Once you get started, the product runs with minimum ongoing maintenance.
  • CenturyLink performs emergency updates over the phone, and typically processes regular update information within 24 hours of receipt - provides you with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.
  • CenturyLink CNAM database fully meets industry standards for queries-per-second and storage volumes - provides high capacity and reliability. And, high up-time means higher revenue for you.
  • CenturyLink CNAM database operates in conjunction with CenturyLink Line Information Database (LIDB) - consolidates LIDB and CNAM maintenance. Updates to both are sent at the same time through a single interface, rather than duplicating efforts by updating each database separately.

Product Details

CenturyLink Calling Name (CNAM) Data Storage service is simply a database for telephone numbers and the associated end-user names. The information is secured in a single, national, proprietary database and can only be used to provision Caller ID.

When an end user calls a Caller ID service subscriber, the terminating LEC initiates a CCS/SS7 message containing the calling number to the database where the caller's calling name is stored. The caller's name is sent to the requesting LEC, who pays CenturyLink per query for access to the information. CenturyLink, in turn, shares that revenue with you. Because CenturyLink has calling name access agreements with most large domestic telephone companies, your end users' names will be accessed more frequently.

Here is how it works:

Business Applications

  • Increases your minute-driven revenue since more calls are answered when the caller's name is recognized.
  • Leverages your end-users' names into ongoing monthly revenue with per-query revenue gained from accesses to the calling name (CNAM) database.
  • Controls the ability to identify callers by name so your end-user customer can determine the priority of each in-coming call and choose whether or not to answer it.
Last Update: July 31, 2017