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CLECs: Getting Started Forms

To become a Facility Based CLEC or a Reseller within the CenturyLink territory, follow these steps:

Step 1

Obtain certification from the Public Utilities Commission in the state(s) where you plan to operate.

Step 2

For Interconnection Agreements: For Commercial Agreements:

Step 3

Once CenturyLink receives the completed CLEC Agreement Request form, you will be e-mailed a CLEC Interconnection Agreement or a Commercial Agreement template and a pricing list for each state requested.

Step 4

Once both parties have signed the Interconnection Agreement or Commercial Agreement, a Regulatory Support Manager will be assigned as your contact within CenturyLink for implementation services. Please see the Customer Contact section of this site for more contact information.

Start-Up Forms

To establish billing accounts for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) or Resellers, the following eight forms and/or documents must be completed and submitted to CenturyLink. CLECs and Resellers will not be able to process any Access Service Requests (ASRs) or Local Service Requests (LSRs) until these documents have been received, approved and processed by your Regulatory Support Manager; and the deposit requirements fulfilled.

Required documentation:

Please submit copies of your original of the following two items:

  1. Public Service Commission (PSC)/Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Certification - a copy of the letter received from the appropriate state commission is required.
  2. Operating Company Number (OCN) - a copy of the notification from the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) is required. If you have not yet applied for an OCN, you may contact NECA at 800.228.8597.

Required forms:

Download the following forms and email them to your Regulatory Support Manager. Additionally, provide hard copies of those documents requiring a signature (if electronic signature is not available).

Name Description
Blanket Letter of Agency Authorize CenturyLink to process LSRs. This form does not relieve the CLEC of securing and maintaining end user customer authorization.
Certificate of Exemption Provide proof of Federal Excise tax exemption on Communications Services.
CLEC Bill Media Request/Change Form Establish bill media preferences for invoices and/or daily usage files. The form is also used for billing address changes.
CLEC Checklist and Company Profile Required to set up accounts and obtain CLEC services from CenturyLink
CLEC Contact Number for Mis-Directed End Users Contact list used by the CenturyLink business office when an end-user contacts CenturyLink instead of the CLEC.
CLEC Porting Contacts Required for each new CLEC. Allows for timely communication/removal of roadblocks on LNP activations, porting delays and after hours LNP escalations.
Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate Provide proof of state and local sales tax exemption on Communication Services.

The following forms may be useful to you while purchasing services from CenturyLink.

Name Description
Access Service Request (ASR) Forms Downloadable forms for ordering processes
Access Request Job Aid The CenturyLink CLEC Badge Access Request web site allows CLEC Single Point(s) of Contact (SPOCs) the ability to request badges and/or keys for access to CenturyLink premises. This job aid serves as a general guideline to assist users in navigating that web site.
Billing Dispute Detailed information pertinent to the billing dispute being submitted. Please reference the Billing Dispute Process for requirements on submitting billing disputes.
Collocation Application Establish a new collocation, augment a collocation, or decommission a collocation.
Collocation Direct Cabling LOA Request for collocation co-carrier direct cabling.
Customer Service Records This form is used when seeking CenturyLink customer service records, and should only be used when records cannot be obtained through EASE/LSR.
Dark Fiber Application This form is required to initiate the dark fiber application process with CenturyLink.
EASE Access Request Request access to EASE. This system is used for processing electronic Local Service Requests (LSRs) and Access Service Requests (ASRs).
Facility SPOC Request This form is used to request Single Point of Contact (SPOC) credentials which will allow the SPOC to request access to the CenturyLink database to request badges access, change badge access, or delete badge access for the CLEC’s Collocation sites. Upon completion the form will be sent to the email address on the bottom of the form for processing.
Interconnection Trunk Forecast Required for each Point of Interconnection (POI). All trunks (local/intraLATA, reciprocal, interLATA and E911) required for each POI can be combined on one forecast report.
Interconnection POI Profile Initiate discussions about planned interconnection trunk arrangements in areas where the CLEC and CenturyLink will exchange local traffic.
Investigation Request Form Request an informal investigation into an issue. The Service Performance team generally works the customer investigation within 10 business days or less.
Notification Subscription This page is designed to let you manage your wholesale notification delivery requirements. It allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe to CenturyLink wholesale customer notices, or make changes to your profile regarding CenturyLink notices.
SIG and MSAG Data Extract Request Request street information within CenturyLink service areas.
Special Access Term Discount Plan Agreement Establish, change or extend a Special Access Term Discount Plan.
Wholesale Team Tool Quick means to identify your Account Team

Last Update: October 27, 2021