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New Products and Services

Below are CenturyLink™'s New Products and Services. The language can be incorporated in an Interconnection Agreement in one of three following ways:

  1. The language for the new product or service and rates can be incorporated into your agreement through Negotiations. The Interconnection Agreement must be in the process of negotiations to incorporate language at this time.

  2. Amend the Interconnection Agreement through the formal Amendment Process, whereby CenturyLink will send out the Amendment(s), by contacting your CenturyLink Sales Executive. The language is shown below for your convenience and review. If the request is to negotiate language different than that shown on a formal Amendment, a formal negotiation will be required.

  3. CenturyLink will create the Amendment with a Customer specific tracking number. The Amendment will be sent electronically for review and signature. If signed electronically, it will automatically be forwarded to CenturyLink for execution. You will be sent, via email, a fully executed electronic document after CenturyLink's execution. The fully executed electronic Amendment will be filed at the appropriate state commission. If you prefer to sign a hard copy, please print and sign three (3) original Amendments and return them to CenturyLink.CenturyLink will execute all three (3) originals. One original will be returned to Customer via mail, one will be retained by CenturyLink, and the third original will be filed with the appropriate state commission.

  4. Upon completion of the amendment to an Interconnection Agreement with the "CenturyLink New Product Offering Amendment", the following process may be used. The CenturyLink New Product Offering Amendment, allows for the use of the Advise Adoption Letter (AAL) or the Interim Advise Adoption Letter (IAAL) by which the language is shortened and products and services rates incorporated into an Interconnection Agreement. The process defined in the CenturyLink New Product Offering Amendment was negotiated and agreed to by the participants of the 271 hearings on General Terms and Conditions. The products and services available for the AAL and IAAL process are the same as in the Amendments and are contained in the word documents of the same title below.

Amendments for New Products and Services

  • Border Town Amendment 3/21/05
  • Circuit Batch ToR Amendment 10-29-08
  • Circuit Batch ToR Exhibit A 02-25-11
  • FCC Modernizing Forbearance Amendment -LQ
  • Resale Forbearance Amendment Q
  • UNE-Resale Forbearance Amendment LQ
  • Utah Pole Attachment Amendment 9-12-2019
  • xDSL Services Amendment 02-25-11
    • Attachment 2 - Qwest NC/NCI Code Combinations 11-30-10
    • Attachment 3 - xDSL Test Parameters 11-30-10

SPOP Amendment

Last Update: March 13, 2020