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Wholesale Backhaul
If you own capacity on an undersea cable, CenturyLink can provide you with access to strategic landing sites that are the gateway to substantial international business opportunities.

Backhaul service is a CenturyLink on-net facility between cable landing stations and a CenturyLink -owned Point of Presence (POP) utilizing a physical fiber optic connection.

CenturyLink will transport traffic, via Backhaul, from certain cable landing sites to its domestic network, providing connectivity throughout the contiguous United States. Traffic is delivered via STM-1/OC-3c, STM-4/OC-12c, or STM-16/OC-48c level private lines while Wavelength Backhaul is available as well.  CenturyLink will provide you a dedicated point-to-point connection from a cable head to your POP.

Backhaul services are non-switchable connections that can provide a constant and committed availability of capacity on a transmission path between fixed customer-specified locations.

Features / Benefits

Traditionally, access to the cable landing stations is controlled by one or two large carriers and is not considered a competitive business. However, CenturyLink focuses on providing a more cost-effective transport solution by offering competitive pricing, rather than using the incumbent carrier.


Backhaul is available where facilities exist at the locations below:


    On the West Coast, Backhaul is provided off the Pacific undersea cable systems. From the landing station at Los Osos in Morro Bay, CenturyLink can transport the traffic off either undersea cable to its POP in San Luis Obispo or wherever you would like it delivered.


    On the East Coast, CenturyLink provides Backhaul off the Atlantic undersea cable system from either landing station at Manasquan, NJ, or Tuckerton, NJ, to its POP at 32 Avenue of Americas in New York or  the location of your choice.


Order requests should be submitted on online order forms (OLOFs) via Control Center. Control Center is an on-line, real-time order entry, processing, and reporting system designed specifically for your use. If you are a new customer, please contact your CenturyLink Regional Sales Director for access to Control Center.

Backhaul service requests are handled manually, however the order forms in Control Center allow for electronic transfer ordering capabilities.

Placing your orders using OOFs allows them to flow into the order tracking system where your CenturyLink Service Delivery Representative (SDR) can easily access your order for manual processing. Control Center OOFs are located by navigating to the Ordering link and then clicking on Online Order.

For additional information, refer to the National Ordering Overview.


Please contact your CenturyLink Wholesale Regional Sales Director for more information. If you do not have a CenturyLink wholesale sales representative, visit our New Customer Web page.