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IP Voice 8XX Origination

Your Ideal IP Voice Origination Provider

CenturyLink™'s expertise in broadband, IP, and telephony make CenturyLink the ideal company to provide you with Internet Protocol (IP) 8XX origination services. CenturyLink's IP Voice 8XX Origination service is a cost-effective way for service providers to receive inbound 8XX (toll free) PSTN originated calls in IP format. CenturyLink offers a full featured IP toll-free service across an OC-192 network with over 1,700 access points and over 16,000 routes.

How It Works

Traditionally, carriers order 8XX service and receive calls generated to the PSTN from their customers in TDM format. The CenturyLink IP Voice 8XX Origination service allows those PSTN-generated calls to be handed off to the carrier or enhanced service provider in SIP (VoIP) protocol. Existing customers migrating from TDM to IP and new IP-based customers can take advantage of packet-based voice with a single internet access trunk, or via the public Internet eliminating the expense and management of separate TDM-based access trunks.

IP Voice

Network Architecture Services

  • Domestic and Canadian coverage, including extended areas (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands)
  • International Toll Free Services/Universal International Free Number (ITFS/UIFN)
  • OCN-based or class-type pricing structures
  • Complementary Responsible Organization (RespOrg) services
  • Originating, Terminating and Enhanced routing services
  • Toll-free Directory Assistance
  • Payphone Blocking
  • Project Account Codes
  • Outbound 8XX (service ordered under IP Voice 1+ Termination product)
  • On-line order processing through Control Center and Remote Control®

Available Originating Routing Services

  • Tailored Call Coverage (TCC), including blocking/allowing at the state, LATA, NPA, NPA/NXX and ANI level

Available Enhanced Routing Features

  • Day-of-Week Routing (DOW)
  • Holiday / Day-of-Year Routing (DOY)
  • Time-of-Day Routing (TOD)
  • Percentage Allocation Routing (% Alloc)
  • Geographical Routing (GEO)
  • Alternate Call Plan Routing (ACP)

Available Terminating Features

  • Busy Ring No Answer (BRNA)
  • Direct Termination Overflow (DTO)
  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)
  • SuperTrunk (STG)
  • In-Switch Overflow (ISO)
  • Real-time ANI (RTA)

Benefits to You

  • Savings: Save on network architecture cost and the cost and management of multiple TDM switch trunks. A common Internet access can now be used for both data and voice services.
  • Quality: CenturyLink's IP voice infrastructure provides quality and service levels that are comparable to the traditional TDM service. The service comes with the peace of mind of 24x7x365 network monitoring and management to ensure near 100% network uptime and real-time trouble shooting.
  • Ease of Use: Once connected to CenturyLink's network, you are ready for service. Now CenturyLink can be your single provider for both traditional Long Distance Service as well as IP Voice Termination Service.

Service Technology

  • Access: Connect to CenturyLink's network using a DS-1 to OC-48 dedicated IP-based (excluding MPLS) data circuit. Carriers that are collocated in a CenturyLink point-of-presence (PoP) location may connect via an Ethernet cross connect. Carriers may also connect via the public Internet*.
  • IP Protocol: SIP
  • Codec: G.711 ulaw, G.711 alaw, G.729A, or G.729AB
  • FAX: Standard fax and T.38 fax with G.711 or G.729
  • RFC2833 and SIP INFO: Supported for G.729 only

How to Get Started

For more information on CenturyLink IP Voice 8XX Origination service, contact your Customer Service Representative.

*CenturyLink does not provide SLA or QoS guarantees for traffic connected across the public Internet.