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Optical Wavelength Service
Low-Cost, High-Capacity, Reliable Transport

Optical Wavelength Service is a fully managed plug & play service delivered over CenturyLink's state of the art fiber network. This transport solution is ideally suited for customers who require dedicated broadband transport connectivity without the capital and ongoing expenses associated with owning and operating network infrastructure. A truly flexible product offering, Optical Wavelength Service can accommodate a customer's individual requirements with respect to SONET and IP interfaces, diversity, ability to provide end-to-end connectivity, low cost to build a network and special routing for all applications.

Features and Benefits

Optical Wavelength Service is a comprehensive solution from a single provider with broad national capabilities that allows you to efficiently manage your Ethernet, Private Line, SONET, Private Dedicated Rings and IP networks. Reduce capital and operating expenditures by providing scalable solutions and avoiding frequent and continuous upgrades to core business infrastructure.

Solutions for Wholesale customers could include:

  • Wireless - Connecting cell sites to MTSO's, or interconnecting multiple MTSO locations
  • Cable Companies - High capacity connectivity among cable islands to create National IP Networks, or connectivity from cable rings to Corporate Data Centers
  • IXC- Reach to locations for access POPs and Carrier Hotels where they currently have gaps in their networks or for Diversity Solutions for their own long haul network
  • International Carriers- Connectivity from Wave landing stations to Major U.S. carrier hotels, data centers or customer locations.
  • CLECs/ISPs - Market expansion to fill gaps in current network availability to reach their large customers and data centers, as well as IP access.

Product Details

Optical Wavelength Service is a product that is supported by CenturyLink's continual investment which provides point-to-point connectivity over a robust network of 190,000 national route miles. Wavelength is available in bandwidths of 1 GbE, 2.5G (OC-48) or 10G (OC-192 \ WAN PHY), 10G LAN PHY. 40G (OC768), 100G OTU1 (2.666G), OTU2 (10.709G), OTU3 (43.018G) and OTU4 (112G) Customers can order diversity with multiple routing options.

CenturyLink's senior technical staff is available at no cost to consult with customer's network planners to design, engineer and deploy optical customer solutions. Another great benefit is the level of support customers receive from our service management and network management teams. This includes CenturyLink's premier trouble management with one-call issue resolution available with 24/7/365 performance monitoring to ensure that your network operates at optimal levels.

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How to Get Started

For more information on Optical Wavelength Service, please contact your CenturyLink Sales Representative.