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Wholesale Rebiller

Switchless Reseller Services with Performance and Profitability

No matter what size your Switchless Reseller business, CenturyLink has the product line, performance, profitability features, and full range support you have always requested, aptly titled Rebiller. CenturyLink continues to expand these services to meet your needs and offer you unique opportunities to provide services you were incapable of testing this in the past. With Rebiller, you have the flexibility to create your own solution with a full range of voice communications services for call origination and termination.

The Rebiller portfolio of services is backed by the CenturyLink Macro Capacity™ Fiber Network running at speeds up to OC-192 over synchronous optical network (SONET) ring architecture, supported by Wholesale Account Management support groups and provisioned using Control Center /Remote Control®, CenturyLink’s unique Web-based order management and reporting tool.

Billing Granularity

  • Rebiller OCN: an operating company number (OCN)- based billing granularity (highest granularity offered)
  • Classes are assigned to OCNs based on cost

Switched and Dedicated 1+ Termination Services

  • Choice of OCN-based or class-type pricing structures for your switched services
  • Origination and termination in most major U.S. markets, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Project account codes (both verified and non-verified)

Switched and Dedicated 8xx Origination Services

  • Domestic and Canadian coverage, including extended areas (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands)
  • International Toll Free Services/Universal International Free Number (ITFS/UIFN)
  • OCN-based or class-type pricing structures for your switched services
  • Complementary Responsible Organization (RespOrg) services
  • Originating, Terminating and Enhanced routing services
  • Toll-free Directory Assistance
  • Payphone Blocking
  • Project Account Codes
  • Outbound 8XX  (service ordered under ReBiller 1+ Termination product)
  • On line order processing through Control Center® and Remote Control

Available Originating Routing Services

  • Tailored Call Coverage (TCC), including blocking/allowing at the state, LATA, NPA, NPA/NXX and ANI level

Available Enhanced Routing Features

  • Day-of-Week Routing (DOW)
  • Holiday / Day-of-Year Routing (DOY)
  • Time-of-Day Routing (TOD)
  • Percentage Allocation Routing (% Alloc)
  • Geographical Routing  (GEO)
  • Alternate Call Plan Routing (ACP)
  • Transfer and Release (TnR)

Available Terminating Features

  • Busy Ring No Answer (BRNA)
  • Direct Termination Overflow (DTO)
  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)
  • SuperTrunk (STG)
  • In-Switch Overflow (ISO)
  • Real-time ANI (RTA)

Other Features Offered

  • Virtual Carrier Services
    • Enable you to become a virtual carrier by pointing your carrier identification code (CIC) to CenturyLink’s feature groups in areas in which you would like to establish your own CIC and branding
    • Feature Group D origination from most markets without major network investment costs
    • True private-branding capabilities
  • Private-branded 700 test number to further promote your own brand
  • Increased customer control via Control Center/RemoteControl

Benefits for You

  • Priced for profitability with market-based pricing plans, volume incentives, and cross-product volume discounting
  • Design your own service package from a full range of voice communications services, including 1+ termination, 8xx origination, and international, as well as specialized services such as CIC and private branding
  • Provide CenturyLink the jurisdiction information parameter (JIP) in the call stream of your wireless traffic and enable CenturyLink to rate your domestic-to-domestic cellular calls (identified as those calls carrying info digits 61, 62, or 63 in the call stream "Cellular Calls") based on the actual originating cell phone location (rather than on the ANI associated with the phone).

Web-based Management

  • Control Center  and/or RemoteControl® delivers secure, enhanced Web-based management of your provisioning, order entry and reporting functions
  • Enables near real-time modification of existing 8XX features and routing, increasing your self-service capabilities and reducing provisioning cycle time and installation costs

How to Get Started

For more information on Rebiller Services, please contact your CenturyLink Sales Representative.