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Integrated Management
Lower Costs, Improved Productivity.

CenturyLink™ Integrated Management is a network management product suite that provides complete out-tasking of all or part of your data network management. You can concentrate on the core needs of your business while CenturyLink manages your data network and gives you the advantage of potentially lower operational costs, improved personnel management and continuously updated technology and polices. By leveraging CenturyLink's network management expertise, you can focus your energy serving your customers and building your business profitably.


CenturyLink Integrated Management is a comprehensive, integrated package of products and services for building and managing networks. It includes 24x7x365 monitoring of equipment and transport links, complete fault and performance management, complete network analysis, configuration backup, online reports and total customer agency. The central part of this service is in-band monitoring/management tools that allow you to continuously monitor your network performance. CenturyLink Integrate Management offers one of the broadest and deepest portfolios of devices that undergo a thorough certification process.

Benefits of Integrated Management

  • Through network profiling CenturyLink understands your network architecture and components.
  • Continuous network monitoring provides peace of mind that problems will be discovered and resolved by CenturyLink before they have a serious impact on the network.
  • Provider-independent - Integrated Management engineers will be your single point of contact for configuration changes, isolating and resolving network issues.
  • Web based CPE performance portal allows you to view near real time status of the equipment under CenturyLink's management

Integrated Management Options

  • Network profiling
  • Continuous network monitoring
  • Network analysis and performance management
  • Fault management and escalation
  • Configuration management
  • Online reporting
  • Includes all of the features of Integrated Management-Select, plus:
    • 24x7x365 troubleshooting of non-CenturyLink transport
    • Total customer agency
    • IPSec Tunnel Management (up to 25 sites)
Monitor and Notify
  • A simple, lower cost version of CenturyLink Integrated Management, Monitor & Notify, does not include any CenturyLink performed CPE management or fault resolution, but does notify you or potential problems before they have a serious network impact.

How it Works

  • Network profiling—CenturyLink creates a network inventory database and a topology drawing that is available online and updated each time there is a change in the network.
  • Continuous network monitoring—CenturyLink monitors your networks 24/7 to ensure optimum performance and detect, isolate and repair faults.
  • Fault management and escalation—CenturyLink analyzes activities to isolate and correct unusual operational behaviors.
  • Configuration management—CenturyLink manages configuration faults, ensures configuration integrity and changes configurations as needed.
  • Online reporting—CenturyLink provides a full suite of reporting capabilities.
  • Total customer agency—CenturyLink Integrated Management-Comprehensive acts as the customer's single, expert agent in managing the resolution of all service and transport faults.
  • Configuration build (optional)—CenturyLink provides configuration implementation service.
  • IPsec tunnel management (optional)—CenturyLink offers a site-to-site premises-based (CPE-based) IP VPN management bundle for site-to-site WAN applications.

Why buy from CenturyLink?

  • CenturyLink network operations center (NOC) is your true single point of contact.
  • CenturyLink has deep competencies monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting networks.
  • CenturyLink provides integrated ordering, invoicing, customer care and NOC support.
  • Using CenturyLink, you can focus your personnel and financial resources on running your business rather than running your network.
  • CenturyLink provides a reliable, robust and complete managed service solution, sized and configured to meet your business needs and sharpen your competitive edge.
  • CenturyLink allows you to potentially lower operational, management and connection costs.

How to Get Started

For more information on Integrated Management, please contact your CenturyLink Sales Representative.

CenturyLink Integrated Management is available to business customers throughout the U.S. and internationally. Minimum one year term of commitment required. Early termination fee may apply. Price varies depending on plan selected and number of devices covered. Listed prices do not include taxes, surcharges and other fees.