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CenturyLink™ Wholesale International Long Distance

Extend Your International Reach

As your competition from both traditional and non-traditional sources increases, companies such as yours are recognizing the value of extending their international reach. CenturyLink has an international team focused on helping you differentiate your offerings and increasing your international market penetration and customer retention.

Add Flexibility to Your International Needs

You now have the opportunity to integrate CenturyLink International Long Distance (ILD) into your service package to create one of the most flexible offerings available for enhancing your business. CenturyLink ILD provides outbound and inbound service at very competitive rates to suit your business needs.

CenturyLink International Products

CenturyLink has an integrated organization that provides a full suite of international products including:

  • International direct distance dialing (IDDD)
  • International toll free service/universal international freephone number (ITFS/UIFN) (rebiller/Request only)
  • Calling card services

CenturyLink International Long Distance Network

Delineated International Network Architecture

  • Customers will be connected into CenturyLink's international network via one of 40+ tandem switches in its LD network
  • Termination to over 250 international countries, including landline and mobile
  • Dedicated and switched access is available
  • Two international gateways to handle international voice traffic

Redundancy and Failsafe

  • Each tandem switch has a backup route utilizing other network switches to access the gateway
  • Wholesale traffic also has additional alternative network carriers (ANCs) programmed into its originating switch for use as backups
  • When wholesale traffic arrives at the gateway there are up to seven alternate carriers available to complete traffic for each destination, should the initial route become congested

Extensive International Carrier Relationships

  • CenturyLink currently partners with over 40 major international carriers to provide a variety of routes for wholesale ILD customers
  • Additional carriers are continuously evaluated to further improve CenturyLink's call completion capabilities throughout the world

Real-Time Traffic Management

  • CenturyLink offers a new operating support system (OSS) to proactively monitor and manage quality
  • Answer seizure ratio (ASR) management is provided on a destination- not country- basis
  • 24x7x365 management of wholesale traffic routing via the CenturyLink International Trouble Management (ITM) center


Comparable Rate and Quality of Service: CenturyLink's International Voice Network is built upon a delineated network architecture. Additionally, CenturyLink continuously strives to provide a higher quality of service and a lower cost base by leveraging its extensive carrier relationships, as well as by developing direct interconnection with the Post Telephone & Telegraph administrations (PTTs)

Redundancy and Failsafe: CenturyLink's International Voice Network is established with multiple layers of redundancy and diversity. Failsafe measures are built-in to significantly increase customer call completion

Competitive Pricing: CenturyLink's ILD pricing is constantly monitored to ensure it remains at a competitive, market-based level

Exceptional Customer Service and Dedicated Traffic Management: CenturyLink customer service representatives are available 24x7x365. The CenturyLink ITM center manages wholesale ILD traffic routing 24x7x365. In addition, CenturyLink also proactively manages ASR, average length of call (ALOC) and post-dial delay (PDD)

How to Get Started

For more information on CenturyLink Wholesale ILD, please contact a CenturyLink Sales Representative.