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Metro Ethernet Service
Metro Solutions that drive operational efficiency, simplified networking and cost effectiveness

Metro Ethernet Service is a highly flexible data service that provides Customers with the convenience of Ethernet connectivity, scalable bandwidth to support feature rich applications, and the reliability of a carrier-class network. Metro Ethernet Service extends your LAN environment across the CenturyLink™ metro network, enhancing your ability to seamlessly serve multiple locations. And Metro Ethernet Service allows you to aggregate multiple EVCs onto one port for a cost effective network connection.

Metro Ethernet Service solutions are based on distributed Layer 2 switching and shared transport data bandwidth and are suitable for Mobile Backhaul and customer access applications that include:

  • LAN connectivity (option for connecting sites in independent territory)
  • Data file transfer
  • Off-site data storage and access to hosting
  • Outsource mail and file server service
  • Outsource application service
  • VoIP service when the traffic priority option is selected

Metro Ethernet Service Features and Benefits

  • Cost Effective – Metro Ethernet Service  is an economical alternative to traditional time division multiplexing (TDM) services.
  • Reliable –CenturyLink™ provides a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) compliant carrier grade service, with the convenience of 24x7x365 network monitoring and expedited trouble resolution for your piece of mind
  • Simple – A familiar LAN technology and interface that supports multiple applications on one network: Voice, video, data, Internet.
  • Flexible – Port Speed and bandwidth available in scalable increments. Order only the bandwidth you need (up to 1 Gbps, 10Gbps available on an ICB basis).   Optional features including Quality of Service (QoS), route protection and diversity are available  to meet your networking needs for aggregation or for individual customer connections.
  • Available – Metro Ethernet Service is widely available in Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets in CenturyLink’s service footprint.

Why Metro Ethernet Service - Why Now?

Metro Ethernet Service is today’s technology to reduce complexity and cost providing a Mobile Backhaul or access service solution.  Choosing CenturyLink for your Ethernet solution makes sense because we have the right service at the right price and its right where you need it.

How to Get Started

For information on CenturyLink Metro Optical Ethernet, please contact your CenturyLink Sales Representative.

CenturyLink Metro Ethernet Service is available in available/disclosed wire centers where CenturyLink has on-net local broadband and fiber facilities. Minimum one-year commitment and additional equipment required. CenturyLink Metro Ethernet Service provided only in available/disclosed wire centers where CenturyLink has on-net local broadband and fiber facilities. This document does not constitute an offer. CenturyLink services and equipment are only available via an executed agreement.