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IP Solutions – VPN Extensions


A VPN extension is an optional feature that is available with CenturyLink Global IP Solutions - Private and Enhanced ports. VPN extensions are used to extend a customer's Layer 3 MPLS closed user group to site locations not served by the CenturyLink Global IP Solutions network. A VPN extension consists of public internet access and a device at the extension location that creates a secure IPsec tunnel into the CenturyLink network.


  • Dedicated access to existing CenturyLink Global IP Solutions network using IPsec encryption standard over public internet
  • Domestic and international connectivity
  • Customer or CenturyLink tunnel management options*


  • Secure connectivity delivered to locations not served by CenturyLink MPLS
  • Existing CenturyLink or third party IP access can be utilized

How to Get Started

For more information on CenturyLink Global IP Solutions - VPN Extensions, please call your CenturyLink Sales Representative.

*A complete VPN extension solution requires CPE and may require optional management services that are not included as a part of CenturyLink Global IP Solutions service and must be ordered separately.

CenturyLink Global IP Solutions provide a suite of WAN services with domestic and international availability dependent upon locations and services selected. Recurring fees vary based on services ordered. Additional equipment may be required. Service subject to availability. Not available in all areas.