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Private Port Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

CenturyLink Private Port VPLS provides large bandwidth solutions designed to meet your critical business application needs. CenturyLink combines the resiliency of its next-generation network with the ease and convenience of standard Ethernet interfaces. CenturyLink Private Port VPLS is for critical business applications that require low latency and high availability — for example, connecting data centers, large file transfers/sharing for digital imaging, videoconferencing, gaming, multimedia, broadcasting, storage area networking, service oriented architectures with hosting components, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery applications. CenturyLink Private Port VPLS provides you with secure, reliable connectivity that you can depend on — from a provider with experience and a commitment to service that you can trust.


CenturyLink Private Port VPLS provides a point to point connection over a private based IP network. CenturyLink Private VPLS provides Ethernet based connections between two geographically dispersed sites. The service is not sensitive to distance, making it not only a secure connection but cost effective as well. Similar to traditional private line services, you have the flexibility that comes with managing your own routes. CenturyLink Private Port VPLS also provides protocol transparency enabling support for protocols not typically supported in traditional layer 3 (MPLS) private networks.

CenturyLink Private Port VPLS provides reliable long-haul network connectivity between your locations. The solution is suitable for data, voice and video applications.

CenturyLink Private Port VPLS is offered in the following speeds:

  • 10 Mbps (available in increments of 2 Mbps)
  • 100 Mbps (available in increments of 10Mbps)
  • 1000 Mbps (available in increments of 100Mbps)


  • Availability: CenturyLink offers service at locations throughout the United States.
  • Convenience: CenturyLink Private Port VPLS provides the convenience of Ethernet, giving you routing flexibility and control to quickly scale bandwidth from megabits to gigabits. CenturyLink Private Port VPLS is protocol independent, supporting IP, IPX and other protocols.
  • Performance: Delivers optimal uptime for your mission-critical applications.
  • Competitively priced: An option between flat rate or tiered pricing - allowing you to only pay for only what you need and no more.
  • Expertise: CenturyLink has years of experience in designing and delivering technical solutions to meet your business needs.

How It Works

CenturyLink Private Port VPLS connects your locations using VPLS-based technology to create a point to point connection designed to carry real-time and data applications over a single customer interface. CenturyLink Private Port VPLS can support a point to point implementation in a single bridged domain over an MPLS network. Instead of a serial interface, an Ethernet interface is used to deliver a layer 2 broadcast domain that is capable of learning and forwarding Ethernet MAC addresses. In areas where Ethernet may not be available, CenturyLink can bridge a location by delivering IP access using frame relay or ATM encryption, allowing you to obtain point to point access across the nation.

Feature DescriptionNotes
AvailabilityOffered on the CenturyLink Domestic Network 
Ethernet Interfaces 10Base-TX, 100Base -TX, 1000Base-LX, 1000Base-SX Complies with IEEE 802.3 standards
Service Speeds2Mbps - 1GbpsSpeeds available depending on location
Topology Point-to-point Offered via VPLS tunneling (pseudo-wires) within an MPLS network
Customer Hand-OffsRJ-45; two-fiber Cat5; single mode fiber; multi-mode fiber varies by location
Maximum Frame Size1518 BytesJumbo frames are on an individual case basis
Ethernet Local Access Options (ELA)On-Net or leased by CenturyLink on behalf of customerCenturyLink Private Port VPLS accepts compatible ELA Native or ELA over SONET loops
Protection MechanismUses MPLS Fast Re-Route in Network coreEach teraPOP has at least two connections, typically at OC-192 speed, connected to teraPOPs in at least two different cities for redundancy.
Diversity Option Single or diversely routed circuits Offered
VLANsVirtual LANs VLANs are passed transparently on CenturyLink Private Port VPLS
Service Level AgreementOn-Net Latency: 42 ms
Off-Net Latency: 95 ms
Packet Delivery: 99.90%
Jitter: 2 ms
SLA goals measured using monthly averages from the CenturyLink IP Network. See the SLA for terms and conditions.
Simplified PricingFlat rate and tiered pricing available One-year minimum term commitment required

Why Buy Wholesale Services from CenturyLink?

Performance - CenturyLink has one of the most advanced engineered OC-192 networks in the world with:

  • The CenturyLink network is managed and monitored 24/7 by a team of professionals that proactively stress tests the network to ensure it maintains the highest standard of performance.
  • CenturyLink knows how to design, build and run networks-currently providing solutions to 95% of Fortune 500 companies.
  • CenturyLink manages its own network-one of the largest, most sophisticated networks in the world.
  • CenturyLink provides a reliable, robust service solution, sized and configured to meet your business needs and sharpen your competitive edge.
  • CenturyLink offers a broad portfolio of business services designed to meet your communications needs. In addition to CenturyLink Private Port P2P, the following CenturyLink services are offered:
    • Metro Ethernet Service
    • CenturyLink Integrated Management
    • Data CPE solutions

How to Get Started

For more information on CenturyLink Private Port VPLS, please contact your CenturyLink Sales Representative