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Rental CPE Solutions

CenturyLink Wholesale Rental CPE Program will streamline how you conduct business with your customers

CenturyLink Wholesale simplifies your customer's management by introducing a CPE rental program specifically targeted to Resellers and CLECs. Your customers will have the option to add either ADTRAN or Cisco data CPE to a new or existing Wholesale Dedicated Internet Access or IP Solutions Private and Enhanced port with a small uplift in their Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC).

No Capital Quality

Because CenturyLink owns the devices, this rental program requires no capital outlay to run a similar CPE rental program in-house. CenturyLink will order, stage and drop-ship the Plug 'N' Play™ Rental CPE Packages* to a location of your choice and simply add the monthly rental fee as a separate line item on your invoice. At the end of the CPE term, simply put the CPE back in the box it was shipped in and send it back to CenturyLink. CenturyLink will even pay the shipping charges!

CPE Rental Targets SMBs

CenturyLink Wholesale understands that IP networking is becoming increasingly more complex as small and medium size businesses ("SMBs") look to converge their applications and communication between remote sites via IP instead of legacy protocols such as Frame Relay, ATM and Private Line. SMBs are also concerned about security and costs associated with managing networks internally. SMBs often wonder if they have the skill set to keep up with this always changing technology and are looking for ways to lower cost by outsourcing the management of their network.

If your customer has the same concerns as outlined here, these CPE rental packages are the right fit for you.

CPE Rental Standad includes CPE Rental PRO includes everything in CPE Standard, plus:
ADTRAN or Cisco Router Stateful Firewall
8X5 remote Maintenance IPSec Tunnel Configurations
24X7 4-hr Response Maintenance (Option location must qualify) BGP/ GRE / OSPF configurations available over GRE tunnel
Template based QoS for Private Ports or Private PVCs of Enhanced ports Custom QoS templates for Private Ports or Private PVCs of Enhanced ports
Two or Three year Terms NAT/ PAT and DMZ security configurations
DS1, NxDS1 and DS3 bandwidth speeds supported Choice of 24 Port Ethernet Switch from ADTRAN or
Ten configuration changes per year 8 port Ethernet switch from Cisco
Model Numbers DS–1 2XDS–1 Up to 8 NxDS–1 DS–3 Ethernet
Adtran Standard 3430 3430 4305 NV5305 3450
Adtran Pro 1335 1335 4305 NV5305 3450
Cisco Standard 1921 1921 3825 3845 1921
Cisco Pro 2801 2821 3825 3845 1921

How to Get Started

For more information on CPE Rental Solutions, please contact your CenturyLink Sales Representative or call (800) 315-2000.

* Plug ‘N’ Play: All the necessary equipment including Router, Cables, Modem, Applicable OS, Maintenance, etc. will be included with the CPE Rental Packages
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