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Resale - CenturyLink Inside Wire Maintenance (IWM) Plans - V19.0

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Product Description

CenturyLink's retail Inside Wire Maintenance (IWM) plans, are available for resale by Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) to their residential and business end-users. Additional information about the resale of CenturyLink's retail services can be found in Resale - General.

A Trouble Isolation Charge (TIC) is assessed when a CenturyLink Technician is dispatched to the end-users premises and the trouble is isolated to the end-users inside wiring, jacks, or Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). IWM plans are optional services offered to you for your end-users. End-users are not required to subscribe to IWM plans in order to have basic telecommunications service. When an end-user subscribes to a IWM plan, CenturyLink provides, at no charge, repair or replacement of damaged inside wiring or jacks. The plans can be requested on new or existing service, and are effective on the completion date of the request. On existing service, pre-existing trouble must be repaired prior to adding the IWM plan. CenturyLink's IWM plans, LineBacker™ and UniSTAR™ offer protection for inside wire or jack repair from the assessment of a TIC Trouble Isolation Charge (TIC), also known as Maintenance of Service Charge (MSC), resulting from a repair visit. Additional information on these two plans can be found in Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

IWM plans do not cover non-standard wiring . There are technical and industry standards for telephone wire required to ensure voice transmission. Non-standard wiring includes speaker wire, electrical wire and electrical cable. Standard wiring requirements are addressed in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Part 68 rules.

Continuous Property Extensions are covered on accounts having a IWM plan. Continuous Property Extensions are a single address location that is not separated by a public street, body of water, or public thoroughfare. Exchange Service Extensions (ESE), previously referred to as Different Premises Address (DPA), must be covered by a separate IWM for the ESE location. An ESE is an extension from the main service location to an address different from that of the main service location. They can be separated from the main service location by a street or public thoroughfare.

End-users or tenants in multi-tenant dwellings, such as apartment buildings and business complexes, should contact their property manager or building owner to determine if they are covered by an IWM. If not, CenturyLink does provide IWM plans to you for your individual end-users or tenants if requested.

CenturyLink offers the following IWM plans:

  • LineBacker™ is a residential IWM plan available in all states, for Resale Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) and DSL (NOTE: Linebacker does not cover CPE associated with the DSL). LineBacker may be ordered for additional lines.
    States USOC
    AZ, CO, ID-S, MT, NM, UT, WY OWM
    IA, MN, NE, ND, SD UWM
    ALL STATES. Residence Only, to be used with 1 and 2 line packages OWMPA

    NOTE: On qualified 1 and 2 line packages, only one wire maintenance USOC is required. When the USOC OWMPA is present on an account, it is the only wire maintenance USOC utilized and covers all lines on the account.

    UniSTAR™ (Universal Single Call Telecommunications Answering and Repair) is the business IWM plan, available in all states, for services such as Resale POTS, DSL (NOTE: UniSTAR does not cover CPE associated with the DSL) and Centrex, it provides customers with jack and wiring repair and trouble isolation work.

    UniSTAR is a per line, station line or trunk service, however, end-users are not required to have each line at their location covered by the IWM plan. A repair report on an uncovered line could result in the assessment of a TIC charge. Each circuit location or ESE extension requires a separate IWM plan.

    The USOCs by state

    States USOC
    UT UNN1X
    ID-N, OR, WA SEQ1X

    IWM package plans: CenturyLink Choice™ Home (prior to August 16, 2004) , CenturyLink Choice™ Home Plus and CenturyLink Choice™ Business include IWM, covering repair of inside wiring and jacks. CenturyLink Choice™ Home (August 16, 2004 and later) includes IWM if it is chosen as one of the three features available with that package.


IWM plans are available throughout CenturyLink QC.

Terms and Conditions

A written Terms and Conditions/Service Agreement is provided to you on new IWM plan requests. IWM plans may vary by state, for state specific information view the Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

IWM plans are not available with:

IWM plans do not cover the repair of:

  • Buried cable between buildings on continuous property
  • Intra-building wire, which is the inside wiring between floors, apartments, or suites in multi-tenant dwellings
  • Installation of new jacks, or moving existing jacks
  • Pre-existing trouble
  • Repair of a damaged drop wire resulting from customer negligence

Technical Publications

Technical characteristics are described in the following Technical Publications:


Rate Structure

General resale rate structure information is described in Resale - General.

Recurring charges are billed on a monthly basis. There are no nonrecurring charges associated with IWM plans.

Additional rate structure information can be found in your Interconnection or Resale Agreement.


CenturyLink retail rates can be found in the state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

Rates and/or applicable discounts are available in Exhibit A or the specific rate sheet in your Interconnection or Resale Agreement.

Tariffs, Regulations and Policy

Tariffs, regulations and policies are located in the state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

IWM plans are billed at retail rates except in Oregon where the resale discount may apply.

A minimum billing period of thirty days applies for IWM plans.


Features Benefits
Cost effective
  • Low cost for coverage provided
  • Provides protection from high repair cost
  • Requires no capital investment
No Disruption in IWM plan coverage
  • Continued IWM plan coverage when an end-user converts from CenturyLink to a CLEC.


Contact your CenturyLink Sales Executive for additional information.


Product Prerequisites

If you are a new CLEC and are ready to do business with CenturyLink, view Getting Started as a Facility-Based CLEC or Getting Started as a Reseller.

If you are an existing CLEC wishing to amend your Interconnection Agreement or New Customer Questionnaire, additional information is located in Interconnection Agreement.


General pre-ordering activities are described in the Pre-Ordering Overview.

Requirements for pre-ordering are described in Local Service Ordering Guidelines (LSOG) Pre-Order.


It is important to understand the Resale-General procedures before ordering IWM plans.

General ordering activities are described in the Ordering Overview.

Service requests should be placed using the EASE-LSR Extensible Markup Language (XML) or EASE-LSR Graphical User Interface (GUI).

IWM plan service requests are submitted using the following LSOG forms:

  • Local Service Request (LSR)
  • End User (EU)
  • Centrex Resale Services (CRS)
  • Resale Services (RS)
  • DID Resale Services (DRS)
  • Resale Private Line (RPL)

In the FEATURE field on the CRS and RS forms and in the REMARKS field on the DRS and RPL forms enter the applicable IWM plan USOC.

Field entry requirements are described in the LSOG.

Provisioning and Installation

There are no provisioning and installation activities associated with IWM plans.

Maintenance and Repair

General maintenance and repair activities are described in the Maintenance and Repair Overview.


On a monthly basis, CenturyLink will provide you with billing information that will provide summary account information as well as end-user account information.

Customer Records and Information System (CRIS) billing is described in Billing Information - Customer Records and Information System (CRIS).


Local CenturyLink 101 "Doing Business With CenturyLink"

  • This introductory web-based training course is designed to teach the Local CLEC and Local Reseller how to do business with CenturyLink. It will provide a general overview of products and services, CenturyLink billing and support systems, processes for submitting service requests, reports, and web resource access information. Click here for Course detail and registration information.

View additional CenturyLink courses in the Course Catalog.


CenturyLink contact information is located in Wholesale Customer Contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the installation of inside wire and jacks available to resellers in all states?
No, CenturyLink's Inside Wire and Jacks Installation Services are only available to resellers in Minnesota and Oregon.

Last Update: March 3, 2015

CenturyLink Choice™ Home, CenturyLink Choice™ Home Plus, CenturyLink Choice™ Business, LineBacker™ and UniSTAR™ are Trademarks of CenturyLink™ International, Inc.