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Resale - Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service - Minnesota and Oregon Only - V7.0

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Product Description

CenturyLink's retail service, Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation, is available for resale by Reseller Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) to residential and business end-users in Minnesota and Oregon only. Additional information regarding resale of CenturyLink retail services is located in the Resale General Product Catalog (PCAT).

Installation of inside wiring and jacks involves service work at an end-user's premises by a CenturyLink technician. The service includes installation, maintenance, rearrangement, repair, prewire, and movement of inside wire. End-user premises wire (inside wire) refers to the wiring that extends from the demarcation point to connectors, blocks, and jack locations within the same building. The demarcation point is the network connection location, provided and maintained by CenturyLink, to which telecommunication service and end-user facilities are coupled. The term "wiring" often includes connectors, blocks, and jacks. End-users own the inside wiring and jacks located on their side of the demarcation point.

Flat rate wiring charges are applicable per state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists. Flat rate charges generally apply to wiring and/or jack installation/rearrangement work for Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) end-users that have a Residence or Business class of service. For example, a single flat rate charge applies to the following types of jacks and two to six pair wiring:

  • Single line jacks (RJ11)
  • Two line jacks (RJ14)
  • Three line jacks (RJ25)
  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) jacks are installed using flat rate charges even though DSL is a design service.

Inside wiring and jacks for seasonal service that connects, disconnects, and reconnects at the same location and approximately the same time each year (e.g., vacation homes, income tax offices, and Christmas stores) are installed using a flat rate schedule.

The following jacks may also be installed/rearranged by CenturyLink under a flat rate schedule, however, an additional materials charge applies to cover the additional cost of the jack(s):

  • Alarm jacks
  • Trailer jacks
  • Marine and Recreational Vehicle (RV) jacks
  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) jacks - if the end-user requests a RJ61 jack
  • Outdoor jacks

In specific instances the CenturyLink technician may determine it is appropriate to bill Time and Materials (T&M) charges even though flat rate charges were quoted when the service request was negotiated. Generally this situation occurs when a significant amount of unanticipated work is required at the end-user's premises. Your end-user will be advised of any changes in billing and instructed to contact you so that you can accept the charges before the actual work begins.

T&M charges are applicable per state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists. T&M charges generally apply to the following situations:

  • Repair of jacks and wiring when the work is not covered by a CenturyLink wire maintenance plan.
  • Prewire installations in new or remodeled building/rooms. Wiring is installed while walls are open before wallboard, plaster, paneling, etc. is placed. A prewire outlet is also installed that will contain the jack.
  • Service order installation or repair work that requires wiring for Designed Services or Complex accounts. Wiring for Key Systems, Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs), data jacks (e.g., RJ48, or RJ45), and Local Area Networks (LANs) is considered complex wiring.
  • Intra-building wiring or Riser Cable that is used to connect units in a multi-tenant building to a single demarcation point that is generally located in an equipment/utility room.
  • Campus wiring connecting two or more buildings on the same premises.
  • Continuous property wiring that involves the repair and installation of drop wire that connects two or more buildings.
  • Inside wiring and jacks for temporary service that is installed for a limited period of time, usually a specific event or project, and disconnected after the event or project is complete.

CenturyLink generally provides repair and maintenance of inside wiring and jacks at T&M rates unless the work is covered by one of CenturyLink's wire maintenance plans, which includes:

  • Line-Backer™ - covers repair of inside wiring and jacks and isolation of trouble. This plan is for residential end-users.
  • Universal Single Call Telecommunications Answering and Repair™ (UniSTAR)™ — covers repair of inside wiring and jacks and trouble isolation charges if the problem is found in the end-user's equipment. This plan is for business end-users.

Additional information regarding Line-Backer™ and UniSTAR™ is located in the Inside Wire Maintenance Plan PCAT.


CenturyLink Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service is available for resale in Minnesota and Oregon only.

Terms and Conditions

CenturyLink will bill you for Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service work activity. Third party billing is not available from CenturyLink.

CenturyLink will not accept requests for Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service directly from your end-users.

CenturyLink provides a 30-day limited warranty for Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service.

If you request an estimate or firm bid before ordering wire and/or jack service work, the following are applicable:

  • The estimate is not binding on CenturyLink and the charges billed to you will be based upon the actual T&M incurred to provide the service.
  • The charges quoted in the firm bid will be the amount billed to you regardless of the actual costs incurred, if the service is ordered within the specified time period documented within the quote.

Technical Publications

No specific CenturyLink Technical Publications are associated with the resale of inside wiring and jacks.


Rate Structure

Recurring charges are not applicable to CenturyLink's Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service.

Non recurring charges that may be applicable to CenturyLink Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service include:

  • Flat rates based upon the installation/rearrangement of noncomplex wire and jack(s). Included within flat rates are travel time, simple materials (e.g., staples, screws, nails, tape, two to six pair inside wire, faceplates, and noncomplex jacks), and work performed on the end-user premises. Additional material charges may be applicable.
  • T&M rates based upon maintenance/repair and complex wire and jack(s) installation. T&M rates can vary for work performed outside of regularly scheduled business hours. Charges for work time consist of the initial 30 minute increment or fraction thereof and each additional 15 minute increment or fraction thereof. Material charges are based upon what is actually used to complete the work on the end-user premises.
  • Premises visit charges that bill for travel time to your end-user's premises. Premises visit charges are in addition to T&M charges.
  • Trouble isolation charges if you request that CenturyLink identify the source of a trouble condition or resolve a problem with your end-user's inside wiring or jacks and a wire maintenance plan covering the work is not in effect.


Retail rates are available in state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

Rates and/or applicable discounts are available in Exhibit A or the specific rate sheet in your Interconnection or Resale Agreement.

Tariffs, Regulations and Policy

Information is available in the state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

Optional Features

Not applicable to CenturyLink Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service.


Benefits include the following:

  • Qualified CenturyLink technicians perform work on your end-user's premises.
  • One stop shopping
  • Easy ordering processes are available to you.


Not applicable to CenturyLink Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service.


Product Prerequisites

If you are a new CLEC and are ready to enter the Interconnection business with CenturyLink, please view Getting Started as a Facility-Based CLEC or the Getting Started as a Reseller web pages.

If you are an existing CLEC wishing to amend your Interconnection Agreement or your New Customer Questionnaire, you can find additional information in the Interconnection Agreement.


General pre-ordering information is located in the Pre-Ordering Overview.


CenturyLink Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service requests are submitted using Local Service Ordering Guidelines (LSOG) forms. Detailed information describing field entry requirements are available on the LSOG web page. You must submit specific CenturyLink LSOG forms relative to the service/product being ordered. Examples of forms used to request inside wiring and jacks include:

  • Local Service Request (LSR), End User (EU), and Resale Services (RS) forms for Resale POTS
  • LSR and Resale Private Line (RPL) forms for Resale Private Line Service
  • LSR, EU, and Centrex Resale Services (CRS) forms for Centrex Resale Service
  • LSR, EU, and RS forms for Prewire requests associated with noncomplex services. Resold complex services should use service/product specific forms to request Prewiring.

You should complete the appropriate section of each form to request inside wiring and/or jacks. Examples of the appropriate sections to complete include:

  • The Inside Wire section of the EU form
  • The Service Details section of the RS form
  • The Primary or Secondary Location Service Details section of the RPL form
  • The Station Details section of the CRS form

General ordering activities are identified in the Ordering Overview.

Orders should be placed using EASE-LSR Graphical User Interface (GUI) or EASE-LSR Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Product specific service intervals are generally found in the Service Interval Guide (SIG).

If no facilities are available for a product/service related to an inside wiring service order, the LSR will be rejected for a No Facilities reason. Reject notification information is described in the Ordering Overview.

Universal Service Order Codes (USOCs) and Field Identifiers (FIDs) are described in the USOCs and FIDs Overview. Use of the USOC/FID Finder will assist you in identifying USOC and FID requirements.

Provisioning and Installation

Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) intervals are available in the SIG.

A jeopardy occurs on a LSR if a condition exists that threatens timely completion. Jeopardy notification information is described in the Provisioning and Installation Overview.

Orders for inside wiring and jacks will appear on your completion reports as described in the Provisioning and Installation Overview.

Maintenance and Repair

You are responsible for maintenance and repair administration for your end-users. If your end-users experience problems, you are their first point of contact. CenturyLink will direct your end-users to contact you if they call our repair centers.

If you order maintenance and repair service work from CenturyLink, trouble isolation charges will apply under the following circumstances:

  • A CenturyLink technician is dispatched.
  • The problem is found on the end-user's side of the demarcation point.
  • A wire maintenance plan covering the work is not in effect.

Information is available in the Maintenance and Repair Overview.


CenturyLink will provide you with summary billing account and end-user account information regarding non recurring charges associated with Inside Wire and Jack(s) Installation Service.

Detailed information regarding the Customer Records and Information System (CRIS) Summary Bill, Inquiry and Disputes is described in Billing Information - Customer Records and Information System.

Detailed information regarding the Carrier Access Billing System (CABS) is described in Billing - Carrier Access Billing System (CABS).


Local CenturyLink 101 "Doing Business With CenturyLink"

  • This introductory web-based training course is designed to teach the Local CLEC and Local Reseller how to do business with CenturyLink. It will provide a general overview of products and services, CenturyLink billing and support systems, processes for submitting service requests, reports, and web resource access information. Click here for Course detail and registration information.

View additional CenturyLink courses in the Course Catalog.


CenturyLink contact information is located in Wholesale Customer Contacts.

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