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Control Center

Control Center is a secure proprietary on-line and web-based application that provides instant access and management control over a broad range of National Wholesale products and services. Click here to view the Control Center User Guide.

Online Dispute Management (ODM)

ODM is a common Web portal accessed via Remote Control that allows users to enter, submit, view, update, and cancel billing disputes.

Product Pricer

Product Pricer allows customers to obtain and save a price quote for unregulated leased local access, unregulated private line services, unregulated local broadband services, Customer Provided Access (CPA) and regulated private line services.

IP Network Statistics

These web pages give you the ability to view our global network performance, network status reports and monthly reports that incorporate latency and packet delivery statistics for our industry-leading service level agreements.

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Operation Support System (OSS) Consolidations

Information associated with Ordering and Billing Systems Consolidations.

Click here to view Access Service Ordering and Billing Systems Consolidation (2016).

Customer Electronic Maintenance and Repair (CEMR) & Repair Call Expert (RCE)

CEMR is a web interface that allows users to interact with maintenance and repair facilities and to request service for trouble tickets.

Customer Electronic Maintenance and Repair (CEMR) Maintenance Ticketing Gateway (MTG)

CEMR-MTG is a web interface that allows users to interact with maintenance and repair facilities and to request service for trouble tickets. Access CEMR-MTG Online Help.

Interconnect Mediated Access (IMA)

IMA enables CLECs to facilitate ordering Resold and Unbundled Network Element (UNE) services. Additionally, see the IMA Errors page to find explanations of error messages in IMA.

CenturyLink Online Request Application (CORA) (AKA QORA) Access Service Requests (ASR)

CORA allows users to electronically submit ASRs for trunking, Local Interconnect Services (LIS), interstate and intrastate-switched access, and Private Line Transport Services (PLTS) offered for the origination and/or termination of inter-exchange traffic. Login to CORA.

Operation Support System (OSS) Overview

Find general information about CenturyLink QC local region operating support systems.

Operation Support System (OSS) Production Support

View unplanned event notifications and process as well as helpdesk and technical escalation information.

Billing Systems Information

Find general billing systems information such as the BOS BDT Differences List, the EDI Users Guide, ASCII Users Guide, and the Circuit ID Information Guide - Zero Fill Business Rules for Eastern Region.

Directory Listing Inquiry System (DLIS)

Accessing DLIS enables CLECs to review directory listing information prior to and subsequent to submitting directory listing orders for processing.

Maintenance Ticketing Gateway (MTG)

MTG provides a common electronic gateway for CenturyLink QC Local Wholesale customers to communicate with various repair business applications.

Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC)/Local Primary Interexchange Carrier (LPIC) Verification

Learn how to effectively use the automated PIC/LPIC verification process.

Regional Subscription System (RSS) for IXCs

The IXC RSS web pages provide on-line procedures for accessing RSS.

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