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Access Service Request (ASR) Ordering Systems

Welcome to the ASR Ordering Systems Information web page. Below, find a variety of facts and information designed to make your ASR ordering easier and more efficient.

The ASR Forms are managed by the OBF (Ordering and Billing Forum), which is a committee that decides standards utilized by all telecommunication companies. To obtain additional information on the contents of each form, and the definition of each field on the form, please access the OBF website. Downloadable Forms for Ordering Process can be found on the Access Service Request (ASR) Forms web page.

For more information about ASR systems, please see the Interconnect OSS Electronic Access page.

ASR Guides & Training

ASR Ordering Systems Information Guide - 02/05/16
ASR Implementation Guidelines - 02/05/16
ASR CORA GUI Customer Administrator's Guide Final - 09/19/2016
ASR CORA GUI User's Guide Final - 09/19/2016
ASR CORA GUI Training Schedule

ASR NDM Ordering Technical Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

The downloads below contain answers to questions frequently asked by ASR Ordering System users. Questions and answers are sorted by subject.

ASOG 33 Question Log - 01/05/07
ASR FAQ Final - 3/17/08
ASOG 34 Question Log - 02/02/07

Last Update: September 19, 2016