TV and Internet Bundles

Bundle TV and Internet and save!

Get our best offer when you bundle TV and Internet with CenturyLink. Bundle CenturyLink’s high-speed Internet service with a DIRECTV package to complete your home entertainment with your favorite channels, sports, and movies - all at one low price. 

Double Play Bundles

You aren’t getting the best home entertainment until you bundle TV and Internet with CenturyLink. With a variety of internet speeds and DIRECTV packages available, you get exactly what you need out of a CenturyLink Bundle to maximize your entertainment. Get the complete picture with CenturyLink’s Internet and TV bundles today.

Included in all TV and Internet Bundles

If your Internet and TV bundle isn’t complete without a crystal-clear home phone service, check out our Triple Play bundles and get the best of CenturyLink’s services in one convenient package. 

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