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Internet service with built-in security and control
CenturyLink Secure WiFi, included in most leased modems, delivers best-in-class security for your connected devices and places easy to use home network management tools and parental controls right at your fingertips.
Get Internet
State-of-the-art embedded security
As soon as your network is up, it's secure.
  • Secure WiFi is built right into select modems that are leased directly from CenturyLink
  • Security is automatically on and always up‑to‑date helping to provide protection as new cyber threats emerge
  • Privacy protection that works by warning you from visiting malicious sites
  • Privacy that keeps Connected Home cameras and smart home devices protected from unwanted intrusion
Easily manage your network
  • The My CenturyLink app allows for personalized network and device control
  • See all devices connected to your modem and know their connection signal strength at a glance
  • Manage your connected devices and run speed tests
Parental control tools in the palm of your hand
  • Be in control of your child's access to the internet
  • Pause internet access to any device, at dinnertime, bedtime or anytime
  • Your rules...access to the tools to enforce them
Safe at home — and away from home
A comprehensive security solution that protects your devices, no matter where you use them. Extended protection on-the-go with easy-to-download security protection for all your devices.
Complete control
The My CenturyLink app easily allows you to manage your privacy and security.
Download and enroll to use the app today.
Advanced protection for your home network and WiFi-connected devices
Easily oversee your home network functionality and devices
Parental control tools to safequard your child's exposure