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Adding multiple users—bulk upload

As an administrator, you can add multiple new users at one time, rather than individually. This is a three-step process: first download a CSV template, then fill in the template and save it to your computer, then upload the file to the SIMPLE portal. After you've uploaded the file, you can check to see if it uploaded successfully.

To download a CSV template:
  1. Click the Users tab.
  1. Click Import list.
  1. Select Download .CSV Template from the list.
  1. Open the file.
  1. Fill in the information requested in the template, then save the file to your computer.
To upload a CSV file:
  1. Click the Users tab.
  1. Click the Import button.
  1. Select Upload .CSV Template from the list.
  1. Select the file you want to upload, click Open.

You're uploading the file from your computer or removable device, based on your operating system.

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