Reboot a phone for a user

As an administrator, you can reboot a user's phone if it's not working properly or if you've recently updated the phone's features. Rebooting a phone takes about five minutes; the line(s) display to let you know when the reboot is complete. We recommend you reboot a phone immediately after you update its features. You can reboot a phone for a user onsite or offsite. Users can reboot their own phone onsite only.

Reboot a phone onsite

While onsite, users or administrators can reboot the phone.

To reboot a phone onsite:


  1. Unplug the network cable from the back of the phone, make a note of which port it was unplugged from, then wait 10 seconds.

  2. Plug the network cable back into the phone, making sure you plug it into the port it was unplugged from, then wait 5 minutes.


As the phone reboots it may recycle more than one time. If the reboot cycle is interrupted, it can cause problems with the phone’s configuration. We suggest the user step away from their desk, so they're not tempted to lift the handset.

Reboot a phone offsite

Only administrators can reboot the phone remotely.

To reboot a phone offsite:

  1. Click the Users tab.
  1. On the row with the user's name, from the Actions list, select Reboot Device
  1. Click Reboot.

    Inform the user you’ll be rebooting their phone before you click reboot. And ask the user to step away from the phone for five minutes, so they’re not tempted to interrupt the reboot process.

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