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TV made easy
Finding TV that's right for you is now easy. Break free from cable and high-priced TV.
We are partnering with leading TV providers to offer you the best TV experience. Let us help you shop and compare TV services and find entertainment as unique as your household.
Use our recommendation tool to find the right TV service
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Use our recommendation tool to find TV services for you.
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All your favorite local channels, sports, and news.
We're partnering with leading providers to offer you the best TV experience. Get access to all your local TV channels, save on data usage and get excellent package choices through one of our recommended TV partners.
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Get the unmatched entertainment experience that only DIRECTV can deliver over your CenturyLink connection
  • Your favorite live TV, shows, and news—local channels included
  • Fast and easy self-install
  • No satellite dish required
1. Req's separate subscription/login for HBO Max, Netflix, and Prime Video. Google and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC. Restrictions apply. See for details. Requires purchase of DIRECTV STREAM device (sold separately). 2Available only in the U.S. (excl. Puerto Rico & U.S.V.I.). Req's compatible device & data connection. Limited to 3 concurrent out-of-home streams. 3Certain networks limit total number of simultaneous streams. See for details.
Explore 120+ streaming TV options
No contract, cost-effective, and customizable
We've partnered with the best online TV streaming subscription services, so you can stream TV without a traditional TV signal. Compare the options and find entertainment that is as unique as your household.
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Shop streaming TV devices
Streaming devices allow you to browse a huge range of additional channels that you can add to access streaming and on-demand TV, listen to music, view your online photos, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Streaming TV?
Live Streaming TV is Live TV channels or Video On Demand that is accessed over the Internet, rather than using a television signal. Best of all, you can watch your favorite channels from a range of Internet connected devices.
What equipment do I need to stream live TV? Is there anything to install?
Customers can access their Streaming TV services on different devices - mobile devices, tablets, or streaming hardware which connects to a larger screen TV or monitor such as ROKU, Amazon Fire TV stick etc. There is no professional install required. *Specific device compatibility varies by provider.
Do I have to sign up for a long-term commitment?
Most online TV subscription services are available on a month-to-month basis with no contract as long as you are subscribed. That means you can stream TV for as long as you want.
What channels can I stream?
Channel availability varies per streaming TV partner. We recommend choosing the provider that carries the channels you watch most!
Can I stream local channels?
Local channel availability varies by market per provider. Be sure to look closely at which online TV provider carries the channels you want to watch.
What does concurrent streams mean?
Concurrent streams means you are streaming TV to multiple devices at the same time.
What is Cloud DVR?
With a cloud DVR, you can record your favorite TV shows and watch them whenever you want. With more storage and the ability to record multiple shows at once, you will never miss a sporting event, movie or TV show again! Best of all, there is no additional equipment needed to utilize a cloud DVR.
Is CenturyLink providing this service?
While CenturyLink does not directly provide these services, we have partnered with a variety of streaming TV providers who can provide you with this service.
What Internet speed do I need for live TV streaming?
A minimum speed of 20 Mbps is recommended to ensure reliable HD streaming.
How will I be billed for my Streaming TV service?
Your online TV provider will bill your designated payment method automatically every month.
What is a free trial period?
Our online TV providers offer a set trial period where you can try the service for free before you decide to purchase.
How much does it cost to stream TV live?
Prices vary by Streaming TV provider.
Why shop for my TV service with CenturyLink?
We offer an easy-to-use recommendation tool which helps you choose the TV service that best fits you and your household. Pick the channels that are important to you and let us make a recommendation based on your choices. We've done the research for you. We offer the ability to shop and compare multiple services in one place.
Do I get a special deal if I order my TV service from CenturyLink?
We're always working to provide the best products and offers to our shoppers. When we receive special offer promotions for our CenturyLink customers, we will pass those on to you.
Is CenturyLink billing me for my TV service?
CenturyLink will help you find the TV service that is right for you, but you will not be billed by us for your TV service. When you order one of our partner products you will be billed by that partner, except DIRECTV. We have partnered with DIRECTV to bill your DIRECTV service with your CenturyLink service. All other CenturyLink TV partner products will be billed by the TV service provider.
Do I need internet to shop TV service from CenturyLink?
CenturyLink Internet is always a great idea! You can shop TV products or use our recommendation tool even if you're not a CenturyLink Internet customer. Our streaming TV and DIRECTV STREAM partner products require an internet connection. DISH and DIRECTV services do not.
View Internet plans in your area.
What is streaming TV?
Streaming TV brings together traditional television (think cable, network television) and digital video (Netflix, YouTube, Direct TV etc.) under one umbrella. Streaming TV or Over the Top TV (OTT) is a recognized, industry term for delivering film, TV and digital content through the internet, and is different than the traditional method of paying a monthly fee to cable or satellite companies.
How does the recommendation tool work?
  • The TV recommendation tool is a great way to locate the TV service that's right for you. When you open the tool, enter your zip code, this will ensure the channels that are available in your area appear. Then select the channels that are must-haves for your ideal TV service. Once you've made your selections, you will receive your recommendation. Don't forget to enter your email address to have your recommendation emailed to you.
  • The "Best Fit" is the TV service that includes all your channel selections. The "Best Value" will give you options if you want to save a little money by narrowing down your channel choices. Finally, "Build My Bundle" gives you alternative options by bundling different TV services.
  • If you're happy with your recommendation and want to purchase the TV service(s) that were presented to you, simply click "Start My Service". This will take you to the provider's site where you can sign up for the service.
Who do I contact for support?
All TV product support questions will be handled by the TV service provider:
TV service providers
Streaming service providers
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