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Primary Interexchange Carrier/Local Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC/LPIC) Verification - V7.0

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CenturyLink™ has designed a Primary Interexchange Carrier/Local Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC/LPIC)

Verification service that provides you with an electronic process for submitting accounts and having the central office PIC/LPIC programming checked on these accounts. "Real-time" switch verification is done so that you will receive accurate PIC/LPIC verification information.

PIC/LPIC Verification allows you to verify the PIC/LPIC data on your accounts. You will electronically send a file to CenturyLink, and CenturyLink will check the PIC/LPIC information in the central office switch and then send back an output file with responses.

The exchange of account information is at the Working Telephone Number (WTN) level. Output (notification and confirmation) is produced at WTN level detail.

The PIC/LPIC Verification service does not update any of your databases. It is only a verification process.

This process does not utilize Reseller Identifications (RSIDs) or CLEC Identifications (ZCIDs). The Regional Subscription System (RSS) requires a four digit number that represents the Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC). The Operating Company Number (OCN) also known as Local Service Provider Identification (LSPID) is used. A separate file must be submitted for each LSPID. LSPIDs cannot be mixed in one input file.

An electronic file will be created to send to CenturyLink for real-time PIC/LPIC switch verification. That file is to be formatted in the industry standard 1500 byte Customer Account Record Exchange (CARE) format.

Once the electronic file is received, CenturyLink internal systems will verify the ownership of the telephone number to confirm that you own the telephone numbers in the batch file. Ownership will be determined by comparing the LSPID of your request to the LSPID at the WTN level. If the telephone number belongs to you, the PIC/LPIC Verify process will proceed.

If you do not own the telephone number, a reject message will be sent in the output file. If the account passes through that first edit, the appropriate central office switch will be queried for the current PIC/LPIC information for each account on the file.

Requests from CLECS who have an alpha-numeric LSPID will need to be handled manually. CLECS in this situation will need to contact their service manager for assistance.


PIC/LPIC Verification is available throughout CenturyLink QC.

PIC/LPIC Verify processing occurs only Monday through Saturday but input files are accepted Monday through Sunday.

Input files submitted Monday through Saturday are processed the same day received. Output files will be sent within 48 hours.

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Features Benefits
CLEC can verify PIC/LPIC on their accounts Verify accuracy of PIC/LPIC information
Files are submitted electronically using the Regional Subscription System (RSS) CLEC can do mass PIC/LPIC verification on their database in just one electronic file


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If you are a new CLEC and are ready to do business with CenturyLink, view Getting Started as a Reseller. If you are an existing CLEC wishing to amend your Interconnection Agreement or New Customer Questionnaire, additional information is located in the Interconnection Agreement.

Before you can proceed with PIC/LPIC Verification, you must complete the PIC/LPIC Verification Access Request Form.

The PIC and LPIC Verification Job Aid provides you with detailed information on completing the Request Form and Internet set up.

You will be required to access CenturyLink's Operations Support Systems (OSS) to obtain this verification. Please refer to the CenturyLink Interconnect OSS Electronic Access PCAT for information on how to obtain this


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Local CenturyLink 101 "Doing Business With CenturyLink"

  • This introductory web-based training course is designed to teach the Local CLEC and Local Reseller how to do business with CenturyLink. It will provide a general overview of products and services, CenturyLink billing and support systems, processes for submitting service requests, reports, and web resource access information. Click here for Course detail and registration information.

PIC and LPIC Verification Job Aid

  • This job aid provides training on how to effectively use the automated PIC and LPIC verification process. This product will allow you to submit and receive batch files containing requests for PIC/LPIC data on CLEC owned end-user accounts. These batch files will be sent and received in a format called Customer Account Record Exchange (CARE) which is an industry standard for transmission and receipt of data files. In this instance the files will communicate information about the end-user customer to the CLEC. Click here to download this job aid.

View additional CenturyLink courses in the Course Catalog.


CenturyLink contact information is located in Wholesale Customer Contacts.

The Help Desk will answer any questions about connectivity access for batch processing of requests including any messages that the report connectivity is down or unreachable. Please contact the Help Desk as the first tier of response for your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I have to schedule PIC/LPIC Verification in advance?
No. The verification can be requested on an as-needed basis.

2. I am the owner of a new end-user account. When can I request information on the account?
You will need to wait for 5-7 days before you can request information on the account.

Last Update: April 6, 2015