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CenturyLink Voice Messaging Services (VMS) with CenturyLink Local Services Platform (CLSP) - V17.0

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Product Description

CenturyLink Voice Messaging Service (VMS) is available with compatible CenturyLink Local Services Platform (CLSP) services. VMS with CLSP provides voice mailbox service functionally equivalent to the CenturyLink Retail business and residential VMS offerings. For information on VMS functionality and operability refer to CenturyLink Voice Messaging Residence and CenturyLink Business Voice Messaging Service General Information

The following VMS mailboxes are available with CLSP:

The following VMS features and services are also available:

You must determine and order features that are available, serve the end-user's needs, and are compatible with the end-user's equipment.

The following standard features are automatically provisioned with VMS mailboxes serving residential end-users: Autoplay, Call Sender, and Check Receipt. For feature descriptions refer to CenturyLink Voice Messaging.

Complete instructions on setup and operation of Voice Messaging Service can be found in the Voice Messaging User Guide.

Call Forwarding and Message Waiting Indication are used with VMS. For feature information, refer to the download under the Optional Features section of CLSP - General Information.

CenturyLink Easy Access (SQAV2), is an Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) product that allows end-users the option of dialing an abbreviated dialing code (*98) to speed dial the pre-programmed retrieval number of their Voice Mail Response Unit. This product has neither a recurring nor nonrecurring rate and will be automatically provisioned when you request CenturyLink VMS with Message Delivery Service (MDS) mailbox on CLSP Business, CLSP Residential, and CLSP Centrex 21. CenturyLink will automatically add the SQAV2 USOC to the line whether or not you add the USOC to the RS or CRS form. For additional information, refer to CenturyLink Easy Access.


CenturyLink VMS is available in CenturyLink QC with compatible CLSP services provided to residential and/or business end-users. VMS packages are not available.

VMS availability is dependent on the capabilities of each serving CenturyLink CO switch. You may determine availability for each switch by using the following resources:

  • The EASE-LSR Graphic User Interface (GUI) Pre-Order functions. For instructions on how to check optional feature availability, refer to the pre-order section of the EASE-LSR User's Guide.
  • The ICONN database, which provides information on CenturyLink's local network, including optional features activated in each individual CenturyLink central office switch, by USOC. Some listed features may not be available with CLSP.
  • The BVMS Lookup Table provides Business VMS availability, Call Forwarding, and Retrieval Numbers.
USOCs and FIDs are described in the Universal Service Order Codes (USOCs) and Field IDentifiers (FIDs) Overview. Additional information can be found in the Pre-Ordering Overview.

Terms and Conditions

CLSP services are provided under terms and conditions and rates of a Commercial Agreement. You may convert existing CenturyLink retail, resale or CLSP services with CenturyLink VMS to CLSP Business, CLSP Residential, CLSP PBX Analog (non-DID trunks) and CLSP Centrex with VMS if those mailbox types are available as described above.. You may also request the installation of new VMS on these services. Refer to the specific Voice Messaging PCAT links found in the Product Description to determine capability and restrictions.


Rate Structure

Monthly Recurring Charges (MRCs) and Non-Recurring Charges (NRCs) apply to CenturyLink VMS with CLSP. The Subsequent Order NRC, USOC NHCUU or NHCVQ, is applicable in all states, on a per order basis, when changes are requested to existing service, including adding, changing, or removing VMS.


MRCs and NRCs are provided in the Rate Sheet of your CLSP Agreement.

Retail rates can be found in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

Tariffs, Regulations and Policy

CenturyLink VMS tariffs, regulations, and policies are located in state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists. CenturyLink retail/resale VMS promotions are not available with CLSP.


Refer to the specific CenturyLink VMS PCATs in Product Description for ordering information.

Last Update: March 30, 2015

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