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Get reliable internet service with unlimited data, no contract and no bundling required.



All speeds up to 100 Mbps

Speed may not be available in your area. Paperless billing required. Taxes and fees apply.


Simply Unlimited Internet
for All Speeds Up to 140 Mbps


Paperless billing or prepay required. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply. Get the fastest internet speed available at your location (max speed is up to 140 Mbps).


Customer speed experiences will vary, particularly when accessing the Internet wirelessly from various devices. Download speeds are via a wired connection. Internet speeds are not guaranteed due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location, devices, equipment, and access through a wired or wireless connection; see centurylink.com/InternetPolicy for more information.


Service is not available everywhere. Offer is available to qualifying customers only. Limited time offer. Rate applies to the fastest internet speed CenturyLink offers at your location, capped at a maximum speed of up to 140 Mbps. Monthly service rate, leased equipment rates, and taxes, fees, and surcharges, are subject to change and, if any changes are made to existing CenturyLink accounts in any manner, all prior discounts will be void. CenturyLink provided modem may be required for Internet; lease (up to $15/mo. fee + tax) or one-time purchase option (up to $200 + tax). A one-time installation fee may apply depending on network technology at customer location: Self-installation fee up to $15^ (technician completes work outside of location and customer installs modem/connects devices inside) [^fee does not apply in MN, WA, OR, CO, AZ, PA, or FL] or professional installation fee up to $149 (technician completes work outside of location and installs modem/connects devices inside). If install requires copper bury or aerial delivery, aa additional one-time fee will apply ($300 for bury; $150 for aerial); fee could be higher after property assessment, but customer will be advised prior to install. Month to month (referred to as “no contract”) service means no term commitment and may be cancelled at any time without an early termination fee but customer must accept High-Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement prior to using service (see centurylink.com/eula). To receive advertised rate, all customers must enroll in paperless billing and agree to not receive a paper invoice from CenturyLink. If paperless billing is cancelled or not activated in a timely manner, the then-current standard rate will apply. Customer may access their monthly invoice in My CenturyLink online account. Postpay: A credit check or deposit may apply. Prepayment: If offer requires monthly prepayment, service will begin on the date your order is completed and full payment is processed through your choice of debit card, credit card, or other prepay service available with your subscription. Each month following, a recurring e-commerce transaction for your service will be processed as service automatically renews monthly until cancelled by customer. If customer account changes in any manner, including change of address (even if plan is available), change to service, service suspension, or disconnection, the unlimited data feature will no longer apply to customer account. CenturyLink may change, cancel, or substitute offers and services, or vary them by service area, at its sole discretion without notice. All products and services listed are governed by tariffs, terms of service, or terms and conditions posted at centurylink.com/terms. See centurylink.com/feesandtaxes for applicable taxes, fees and surcharges. Additional restrictions apply. Secure WiFi: If your modem includes the Secure WiFi feature, it should begin working within 72 hours of activating as long as you fully install it and leave it plugged in. Altering modem settings may disable Secure WiFi, as will Internet connection issues. If you are unsure whether Secure WiFi is working, contact us. Restrictions apply.

99.9% reliable* network

Work from home, shop and pay bills with no data caps

Freely move from room to room with in-home WiFi

*Based on network uptime or availability

Unlimited WiFi Internet Service

Get unlimited data and straightforward pricing for your home or small business with CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet. There's no annual contracts you need to sign, no promotional rates that expire after a few months, no bundles to worry about, and no surprise data overage charges. It’s simply reliable WiFi internet service with unlimited data, so your family or small business can use the internet as it is intended. It’s the internet you've been waiting for.

CenturyLink WiFi

Discover exceptional WiFi internet service powered by an advanced wireless modem. CenturyLink WiFi comes with managed network capabilities and advanced security to support your home or small business needs.


  • Improved WiFi coverage. WiFi signal that extends throughout your home with smart technology that optimizes your connection based on usage.
  • My CenturyLink App. Stay in control of your network, privacy and security easily through the My CenturyLink app.
  • Cyber security. Real-time protection for your devices from the seven most common types of threats.

WiFi internet FAQs

Defining a good speed for your WiFi internet service relies on a number of factors. WiFi speeds depend on how many of your devices use WiFi, local availability, which online activities you do, and more. Get a better understanding of what a good WiFi speed is for your home or small business with our article on determining internet speed needs.

There are several ways to increase the speed of your WiFi internet service, like repositioning your modem/router or using a WiFi extender. Get comprehensive information from CenturyLink on how to optimize your WiFi connection.

The cost of WiFi depends primarily on which internet services are available in your location and how much bandwidth you decide you need. Other service options may change the price, depending on your WiFi service provider. Find out what CenturyLink WiFi service options are available in your area with our availability tool

While the internet and WiFi are very closely related, they are two distinct things. The internet is the infrastructure and data that make up a massive, global computer network. WiFi is a wireless method of connecting devices like laptops, smartphones and smart devices to that network. WiFi internet service allows you to connect to the internet via WiFi-enabled devices linked wirelessly to a modem/router.  

While there are options to get WiFi internet service without going through a traditional internet provider, it may end up costing you more in long-term contracts and additional equipment, such as hotspots or USB tethers. Also, you'll likely get slower, spottier WiFi service with these options. Luckily, CenturyLink offers reliable, affordable internet plans. Find out today if you are eligible for CenturyLink services with our availability tool.

If your WiFi-connected device says "no internet," it means that your device is connected to your modem/router but there is a problem with your modem connecting to the internet. There are several reasons that your modem may be experiencing technical difficulties. We recommend troubleshooting your WiFi or troubleshooting your modem lights to help determine why your modem may not be connecting to your WiFi internet provider.

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