Explore the Control Center dashboard

When you log in to Control Center, the dashboard appears. You'll see the tabs for navigating around the portal, key performance indicators (KPIs) for your services—based on your permissions, and widgets to give you more insight into your services.

screenshot Control Center dashboard

Use the four navigation tabs to manage your services:

  • Admin — change your profile, add/manage users, find your system administrator
  • Inventory — view/manage your products and services
  • Ticketing — create/view repair tickets, running an internet speed test
  • Billing — view/pay/download bills, create billing tickets, add accounts


Additional links (available at the top of every page in Control Center):

  • Profile  — view and edit your user profile (click your username to access your profile)
  • Alerts — set up notifications and customize how you receive alerts (e.g., text, email, Alert Center)
  • Help — our library of support topics to learn how to use Control Center

Dashboard KPIs

Based on your Control Center permissions, you'll see two key performance indicators (KPIs): Billing and Alerts. Use the KPIs to access information about your CenturyLink services. To view more information, click the KPI.

The Billing KPI shows the total amount due for your accounts. Click the KPI to view information for each account.

screenshot Control Center billing KPI

The Alerts KPI shows the total numbers of unread alerts and important messages based on your notification settings. Click the KPI to view the alerts and messages.

screenshot Control Center alerts KPI

Dashboard widgets

Use the dashboard widgets to access support and news about CenturyLink.


  • Contacts widget — access help for Control Center.
  • Recent News widget — view the latest news for CenturyLink. Stay up-to-date about new products and additional services.

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