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SIMPLE Devices tab

From the Devices tab, you can add a MAC address to a phone, see which devices are assigned, which are available, and export the list into an Excel spreadsheet.

In addition, you can make the upload and download files from the Actions list (click the arrow in the white box):

  • Upload .CSV file—use a .CSV file to upload MAC addresses for new phones that may not have been uploaded when you initiated your service.
  • Download .CSV template—use this template to list the MAC addresses of the phones for your service.
  • Download list of support devices—this lists the phones and ATAs supported by this platform; however, we only allow the Cisco 6841 for the phone and Cisco 191 for ATA for SIMPLE.
  • Download list of sites—this all locations associated to your organization on this platform.
  • Show upload results—shows the status for uploads performed and what if any, devices failed the upload.
  • Instructions—describes how to correctly upload a .CSV file.
When you click line states, you'll see a list of phone lines that are registered (connected to the network) and those that are not available (not connected to the network).
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