CenturyLink email sign-in options

You can stay signed in to your CenturyLink email or automatically log out when you leave the site.

How to stay signed in

Next time you sign in to your email, just check the box that says "Remember Me." That's all there is to it!

For security purposes, do not select this option if you are on a public device.

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Tip: Are you having guests, or would just like a little extra security for a short time without changing your settings? You can simply click the "log out" link on your homepage, and the next time you try to access your email, you'll be asked to log in, regardless of whether it's set to remember you.

The "log out" link overrides all settings and is your safeguard.

How to log in each time

  1. Sign in to your webmail homepage.

  2. Select the "User Settings" option in the Manage Email dropdown at the top of your homepage, or click here to be taken directly.

  3. Click Edit next to email address you wish to update.

  4. In the Security column, choose "Restricted Privacy/Security" and click Save.

With restricted privacy set, you will be prompted to enter your password every time you try to access your email, regardless of whether you remembered to click the "log out" link last time you visited the site.

Note: We recommend choosing this restricted privacy option if you share your computer with another person.

You'll also be prompted to log in with your username and password if you go more than 90 days between site visits. 


Be sure to store your username and password in a safe place. Learn more about creating strong passwords.

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