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Internet and WiFi 

Troubleshooting slow internet

VIDEO: 2:45

Understanding internet speed

VIDEO: 3:59

How to change your WiFi password

VIDEO: 2:45

How to connect devices to WiFi

VIDEO: 2:35

Equipment and setup 

Setting up your C4000 modem

VIDEO: 3:18

How to reboot your modem/router

VIDEO: 1:53

Account and billing support

Tour the My CenturyLink app

VIDEO: 1:25

Understanding your bill

VIDEO: 6:50

AutoPay: The easiest way to pay your bill

VIDEO: 1:07

What to expect in your closing bill

VIDEO: 2:17

Online security

How to change your WiFi password

VIDEO: 2:45

What to do if you're a victim of a tech support scam

VIDEO: 1:48

What is caller ID spoofing?

VIDEO: 2:29

How to spot a phishing scam

VIDEO: 1:57

Home phone troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot your phone line

VIDEO: 3:15

How to set up your CenturyLink voicemail

VIDEO: 1:17

How to install DSL filters on your phones

VIDEO: 0:58

How to test for an active phone jack

VIDEO: 1:48

Entertainment and lifestyle

Using the CenturyLink TV recommendation tool

VIDEO: 1:15

What to do with outdated electronics

VIDEO: 1:46

5 ways to help your kids unplug 

VIDEO: 2:30

Stay connected with

VIDEO: 1:11