How much does fiber internet cost?

Considering getting fiber internet? Your installation and monthly fiber internet cost will vary depending on the plan and speed you select. But whatever plan you choose, you'll enjoy all the terrific benefits of fiber internet. The low latency and reliability of fiber optics mean you can boost your online experience with virtually no lag or cut connections.


You get consistent, reliable download (how fast incoming data gets received) and upload (how fast data gets delivered to other servers or devices) speeds every time. That means you can seamlessly download or upload large image files, stream your favorite shows and HD videos without interruption, and game with fewer delays or broken connections.

Fiber internet cost from CenturyLink

At CenturyLink, we currently offer fiber internet service in select areas. And we're continually expanding our network — so if it's not yet available to you, watch for it in the near future! Fiber internet typically costs a bit more than DSL or cable. But if you have a household with multiple users on multiple devices, there's simply no comparison when it comes to speed, reliability, and a secure network. 


Fiber internet monthly service plans start at around $50 for speeds of 100 Mbps and about $70 for 940 Mbps. The cost of fiber internet may vary based on your location and availability. See what's available where you live and learn about our most up-to-date pricing and current promotions. 

How much does it cost to get fiber internet installed?

With CenturyLink, installation is free on online orders for fiber internet speeds of 100 Mbps. Note that the same offer isn't available for phone orders.


For standard installation, the average cost of fiber internet runs between $49 and $99. That cost depends on factors such as how close you are to the nearest fiber network, the type of structure you live in, and your home's current network capabilities. Be sure to check the cost of fiber internet before ordering for full details and any current special offers. 

Do I need a special router for fiber internet?

Because fiber-optic internet technology is so fast and runs on a different network, many older modem and router models are incompatible. To use fiber service, you'll need a fiber internet router. If you're considering a fiber-ready router from a third-party supplier, you may want to rethink that. At CenturyLink, we strongly recommend against doing so for a few reasons:  


  • We can't guarantee that third-party equipment will work with our network.

  • If something goes wrong, you won't be covered by our equipment replacement plan, and your technical support will be limited.

  • CenturyLink technicians are unable to install third-party equipment.

To take the guesswork out of installation and to ensure you get the support you need, we suggest buying or leasing a CenturyLink fiber-ready modem. The best model will be automatically selected when you place your order. You can also check out our modem FAQs for an updated list of the best routers to use with CenturyLink fiber service. 

What are the cost benefits of CenturyLink fiber internet?

Besides our low monthly cost of fiber optic internet, consider these other benefits:


  • No contract – We don't require you to sign a long-term, multi-year contract to get access to our fiber internet service.

  • No cancellation fee – If you find CenturyLink fiber internet isn't for you, you can stop service without any cancellation fees.


You've seen all the terrific benefits CenturyLink fiber internet offers. Are you ready to take your streaming, browsing, gaming, and video conferencing to new levels in speed and reliability? Take a look at our different plan and fiber internet cost options to find one that best fits your needs and lifestyle. Check for availability in your area to get started! 


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