Static IP rate increase

There will be an increase to static IP rates in 2021. Learn more about the increase.

Answers to common questions about the static IP rate increase

What is the new static IP rate?

The monthly rate will increase by $5 for a single IP and for a block size of 8, effective February 2021.

Why is my static IP monthly recurring charge increasing?

At CenturyLink, we are committed to improving your entertainment and communication experience by delivering advanced technologies and solutions with honest and personal service. As we continue to invest in our network and improve our services, we must periodically make adjustments.

Will my static IP fee increase if I have a current Price for Life promotion?

Yes. Static IP is an additional service that is not included in Price for Life promotions.

When will the new static IP monthly recurring charge appear on my bill?

The new monthly rate will be effective February 2021 and appear on your February bill.

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