Inside Wire Protection (IWP) rate increase

The monthly rate for Inside Wire Protection will increase in 2024. Review the FAQs below to learn more.

Why is my IWP monthly rate increasing?

At CenturyLink, our skilled technicians are committed to providing secure lines and repairs on inside telephone wires and jacks. As we continue to invest in our network, we must periodically make adjustments.

Will my IWP monthly rate increase if I currently receive a promotional discount?

No, your net IWP monthly rate will not increase at this time; however, it will change after your promotional period ends.

Will my IWP monthly rate increase if I have a current Price for Life offer?

Yes, IWP is an additional service that is not included in Price for Life offers.

When will the new IWP monthly rate appear on my bill?

The new monthly rate will be effective April 2024 and will appear on your April bill.

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