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What is streaming TV?

Have you heard about streaming TV or “over the top” TV but want to learn more? Start here for an overview of this new era of TV viewing.

Getting started with streaming

Have questions about how to start streaming TV? This helpful step-by-step guide will get you up and running with streaming.

Is cutting the cable cord right for you?

Explore the world of streaming TV services and decide if cutting the cord to cable is the right move for your household.

How to cut the cable cord in 5 steps

Follow these five steps to cut the cable cord: check your internet speed, subscribe to streaming services, pick a device, get an antenna, and cancel your cable!

Types of streaming services

Learn more about the types of streaming TV providers out there today, from on-demand to live streaming, sports, free services, skinny bundles and more.

How to watch sports with streaming TV

As streaming TV services grow, there are more ways than ever to watch sports without a cable package. Learn how, in this handy guide to streaming sports.

Introduction to streaming devices

If you decided to cut the cord to cable, it’s time to shop for a streaming media device. Learn more about how to pick the right device for you!

What is TV today?

From broadcast to cable to satellite, how we watch TV has changed dramatically. Learn more about the new era of viewing through streaming.

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