ICONN Database

ICONN provides information on the CenturyLink QC-affiliate local network. For information other than regarding the CenturyLink QC-affiliate local network, please see Telcordia's Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG) or the NANPA/NeuStar web sites (http://www.nanpa.com/ and/or (http://www.nationalpooling.com/). The LERG should be used for industry inquiries and for routing purposes.  Nationwide NPA-NXX activity data for all carriers, including changes in NPA-NXXs assigned to CenturyLink, may be seen at the North American Numbering Plan Administration and Telcordia Routing Administration..

Current Tandem List
Provides a list of tandem switches. Updated quarterly.

Central Office Find
Provides a variety of information on local switches. Updated weekly. Host-Remote correlation is updated yearly.

Switch Features
Lists the USOCs working on an individual switch basis. Updated weekly.

Switch Software Upgrades
Provides a listing of local network switches that have a scheduled replacement or software (generic) upgrade. Updated weekly.

 Switch Replacements

 Service Order Switch Embargo Dates

Loop Data
Lists the wire centers for a particular state along with the number of loops (total, in service, and available), and the number of loops with Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) or Pair Gain. Updated monthly.

Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) Remote Terminal (RT) Equipment Cabinets by Distribution Area (DA)

Outside Plant and Interoffice Facility Jobs Greater Than $100K
Updated monthly. Provides the facilities added by serving office. CenturyLink will be held harmless for jobs delayed or not completed. Updated monthly.

Universal Digital Carrier
WARNING! This information may only be used to determine if a customer has UDC on their telephone line that can be removed. You may not use this information to contact customers or prospective customers, or for any other purpose other than UDC determination. Updated Monthly. Contains Wire Center and Phone Number data.

Cross Boxes with Potential Power Disparity
Provides a list of cross-boxes with a potential for power disparity, aka as spectral interference. This list identifies the cross-boxes where CenturyLink has installed Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer ("DSLAM") facilities as Remote Terminals in close proximity. Updated monthly.

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