Enhanced PC services and support

To get enhanced PC services like malware and virus removal, contact customer service and ask to have your CenturyLink @Ease upgraded to the package that gives you the benefits you want.

Service Standard upgrade
Advanced upgrade
Ultra upgrade
PC tuneup and optimization 1 tune-up per year, up to 5 computers
2 tune-ups per year, up to 5 computers
3 tune-ups per year, up to 5 computers
Enhanced wireless support Includes setting up a Nook, iPad, laptop, etc. on an existing wireless connection
Enhanced Windows support Not included Includes updating drivers, security, Windows components, display settings, system restores, user profiles and setting file permissions
Enhanced software support Not included Support installing the CenturyLink provided anti-virus software. This includes drivers, email support, browsers, Microsoft Office, and anti-virus software maintenance and support.
Peripheral support Not included Support connecting the following devices to your PC: printer, scanner, copier, gaming consoles, external drives, mouse, keyboard and monitor, webcams, and sound/speakers.
Malware/Virus removal Not included Not included Removal and cleaning of any malicious software (i.e. virus, spy-ware) running on the PC twice a year.
Home networking Not included Not included One-time remote set up of the home network and ongoing support for this network.
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