Internet & Email Security

Setup CenturyLink Email on Your Device

Select the software you are using to get detailed setup instructions:

These settings work for the following domains: centurylink.net, q.com, elpasotel.net, embarqmail.com, centurytel.net, cswnet.com, clds.net, coastalnow.net, cochill.net, emadisonriver.com, emadisonriver.net, gallatinriver.net, grics.net, gulftel.com, madisonriver.biz, mebtel.net, qwest.net

Reminder: You must create your email address before you can set it up on your device.  

Download Norton Security software

Norton Antivirus is included with your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet service. 

We highly recommend you install and maintain well-respected antivirus software on your computer to prevent infection. 

Computer running slow?

If you think you have a virus, worm, Trojan horse or other unwanted invader on your computer, there are steps you can take to assess the damage and eliminate the problem