How to set up your email on an Android device

Choose your email address domain from the dropdown below to see the POP/SMTP server settings: or, or other:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Reminder: You must create your email address before you can set it up on your device.  

NOTE: Email setup can vary by device. The steps on this page are general. If you have trouble, refer to the user guide for your specific device. You will need the POP/SMTP settings for your email account to complete the setup. You will also need the POP/SMTP settings if you need to edit your email settings for incoming and outgoing messages. Select your email account above to view the settings.

  1. To get started, touch the "Apps" icon.
  1. Touch "Email" or "Mail."
  1. Enter your email address in the "Full Email Address" field and enter your password in the "Your Password" field, then touch NEXT.
  1. Select the settings you want from the "Account options" screen, then touch NEXT.
  1. Your email Inbox will open once your account is successfully set up.
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