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What is fiber internet?

What is fiber internet, and how does it work? Find out more about fiber-optic internet and how it differs from other internet connections.

How is fiber internet installed?

How do you get fiber internet installed at your home? In this guide, we explain the steps of the fiber installation process.

How much is fiber internet?

What does it cost to get fiber internet in your home? Find out more about fiber internet costs, fiber internet pricing and plans, and installation fees.

How do I get fiber internet?

Looking to get fiber-optic internet at home? Learn how to get Fiber Internet service from CenturyLink, or sign up for alerts when it comes to your area.

How does fiber internet work? 

What are fiber-optic cables, and how do they transmit data? Learn how fiber-optic technology makes your internet better.

Troubleshoot your fiber connection

Is your fiber internet not working right? Troubleshoot common issues and ways to improve your Fiber Internet connection from CenturyLink.

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