How to pay for services on another account

You may have received communication from CenturyLink about the discontinuance of a billing option that allowed you to include someone else’s service on your bill, or vice versa. 

Though we no longer offer that specific billing arrangement, there is another option to allow someone else to pay your bill. 

Important: Please note that payments for your account are ultimately your responsibility. Late payments or missed payments will result in additional fees, and if your account goes unpaid for too long, service could be disconnected – regardless of any payment agreements you had with another person.

Change the billing address for the account

You can change the billing address on your account and have your monthly bill sent to another address. If someone else is paying your entire bill every month, this is an easy way to allow them access to the bill. Once that person receives your bill, they can add your account to their My CenturyLink profile online, which will allow them to easily make payments and manage the account.

If someone is paying only part of your monthly bill, you’ll want to make an agreement about who pays what amount and how it’s paid to ensure the full amount due is paid, regardless of how the payment is divided.

Quick Bill Pay

Make one-time bill payments online. No sign-in required.

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