Changing your mailing address

Your mailing address (sometimes called your billing address) is an important way to provide you information about your account. 

If you need to check or update the address where we mail paper bills and other important account information, then visit the change mailing address page in My CenturyLink.

You can also review and update your mailing address with CenturyLink by signing in to My Centurylink, clicking the My Settings page, and locating the address area in the Account Information section.

What is there a mailing address for my account?

For most people, the address where they get their CenturyLink services is the same as where they receive their mail.  The service address and mailing address are the same.

But sometimes it makes more sense to have your bill and important notices sent to a different address. You may be responsible for the accounts of a family member living separately, or manage more than one property, or might prefer to have your bills sent to a work address. In all these examples, having the correct billing or mailing address is critical to ensure that we can communicate with you effectively.

Prefer email?

Many CenturyLink customers prefer to get everything in email, and we're responding to that desire by utilizing email more and more for everyday communications, receipts, and alerts. You can request email notifications and paperless billing within My CenturyLink.

However, there are some notifications, like regulatory notices and account security information, which must be sent through the mail. So, even if you are trying to reduce the mail in your mailbox, it's still important to make sure we have a correct postal address to use for sensitive or legal information.

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