CenturyLink phone monthly recurring charge increase

If you’ve received a notice about an increase to your monthly recurring charge for CenturyLink phone service, you likely have questions. Please review the frequently asked questions below to learn more.

Why is my CenturyLink phone monthly recurring charge increasing?

We are committed to improving your experience by delivering advanced technologies and solutions with honest and personal service. As we continue to invest in our network, improve our services and adjust to current economic conditions, we must periodically make adjustments that affect customer rates.

How will I know if my CenturyLink phone monthly recurring charge will increase?

You will be notified at least 30 days in advance of the changeby email if you prepay for your service (month-to-month basis) or by a bill message on your monthly printed or digital bill.

Will I see an increase in my CenturyLink phone monthly recurring charges if I have a current Price for Life promotion?

No, the increase does not apply if you currently have the Price for Life promotion.

Will I see an increase in my CenturyLink phone monthly recurring charge if I currently receive a Lifeline or state assistance program monthly discount?

Yes, the increase applies if you are currently enrolled in and receiving this discount; however, the discount will still be applied to the new monthly recurring charges.

When will the new CenturyLink phone monthly recurring charge appear on my bill?

The new monthly recurring charge will appear on your next monthly bill since the increase is effective 30 days following notification of the increase.


Please read your individual notification message carefully for dates specific to your services.

What should I do if I have additional questions or want to make changes to my plan?

Here are a few options to consider.


  • Account review – Ensure you are getting the best value by having your account reviewed. Long-time customers are often eligible for a new promotion and in some cases, an upgraded internet speed. Chat with us to go over your options.

  • Assistance programs - CenturyLink participates in federal and state assistance programs for income-qualified households.

Assistance Programs

Income-qualifying households can get federal and state assistance with phone and internet service. Learn more about these programs.

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