How changing your CenturyLink service impacts AutoPay

Normally, your account is simply updated when changes are made to your services, but it's always a good idea to double check your bill to be certain. Specifically:

  • Confirm your billing date, due date and/or automatic payment date are the same. Depending on the changes that were made to your account, these dates may have gotten adjusted. 
  • Confirm you're still enrolled in AutoPay, as well as whether you should expect the payment to be automatically withdrawn. 

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Note: If you notice that your AutoPay payment is higher than normal, it's likely due to one-time charges associated with the changes made to your account

Special circumstance: Closed/reopened accounts
In rare cases, when you make changes to your account, we may need to close your existing account and create a new one. This usually happens because we need to clear up a problem in our systems. A lot of times when companies do this, customers aren't aware it happened unless the call center rep specifically tells them. Quite frankly, the only reason you'd care is if you're assigned a new account number, then you would need to add the account to My CenturyLink and enroll it in AutoPay.
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