Managing saved payment methods in My CenturyLink

We have two different ways to use saved payment information to pay your CenturyLink bill, to make managing your account faster and more convenient. First, sign in to My CenturyLink. If you've never used our web portal, it's easy to get started.

Once you're signed in, select My Bill from the menu bar at the top.

Your My Bill page will look a bit different, depending on the type of plan you're on. Choose which image looks more like yours, and click on the link below to see the correct instructions.

My Bill - prepaid account
My Bill - postpaid

If you see "Payment Preference," click below

If you see "Billing Preferences" click below

Manage Payment Preference (Prepaid internet plan)

If you are on a Prepaid internet plan, your account number will start with "PPB." On your My Bill page, you'll see a section called Payment Preference.

In the Payment Preference section, select "Manage Payment Method."

From here you can view the credit/debit card that you currently have on file for your account, and choose to update it if needed. Please note that Prepaid customers must use a debit or credit card to make their automatic monthly payment

Click on the "Update My Payment Method" button

Enter a new debit or credit card and click on "Save"

Manage Billing Preferences (AutoPay or Saved Payment Method)

If you have a postpaid account, your account number will begin with a number. On your My Bill page, you will see a Billing Preferences section. You can either update AutoPay information or save payment methods to use to pay your bill manually each month.

If you are enrolled in AutoPay, you will see the option to update your automatic payment source. If you are not enrolled in AutoPay, you will be able to click here to enroll.

If you like to pay your bill yourself each month, you can save payment methods to make this easier and quicker. Click on "Update" next to "Add or Update Saved Payment Method." 

Note: You can find these same payment options on the My Settings page as well.

On the saved payment methods screen, any information you have saved will be listed. You can delete or update any payment methods you have on file. This is where you can update the expiration date for a credit card as well. Or, add a new payment method, choosing from the bank account or credit/debit card options. 

Using your stored payment method to pay your bill

Once your payment method is stored with us, it will appear as an option in My CenturyLink anytime you pay your bill online. To pay a bill with your saved information, just click the "Method of Payment" drop-down menu and select the one you wish to use.

For your security, you can only use saved payment methods when you are signed in to My CenturyLink. This means you cannot access them from Quick Bill Pay, which is a different option that allows you to make one-time payments to your CenturyLink account without signing in. 

Enroll in My CenturyLink

Create a username and password to manage your account online.

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